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5 Secret Burgers You Can Get At In-N-Out (If You Ask For Them)

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Secret Menu At In-N-Out Burger: 5 Burgers You Can't Miss (And How To Order Them)

(Los Angeles, CA) - The (not-so). secret menu at In-N-Out is as legendary as the California chain itself.

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The West Coast favorite has been around since 1948 when it first opened in Los Angeles, and it's got a cult following that keeps growing.

First opened in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California at what is now the southwest corner of Francisquito Avenue and Interstate 10. And today, it is still known for its delicious burgers, fries, and shakes.

However, it is also known for something else: the secret menu.

Sure, it may not be all that “secret” anymore. But there are some items on this secret menu that you don’t want to miss out.

If you have been to In-N-Out before and customized your regular cheeseburger or hamburger, then we know you love some of these off-menu options as well. Let's go!

5 Mouthwatering Burgers You Can Order At In-N-Out If You Know The Secret Menu

1. The 4 x 4

4x4 In N' Out Burger@emartinez_87 / instagram

The 4×4 is four patties and four slices of cheese, all stacked up on a bun. It's not only the most meaty thing on In-N-Out's secret menu, but it might just be the most meaty thing you'll ever eat in your life.

The 4×4 burger is for those who aren't watching their weight. It's the largest item on In-N-Out's secret menu and it'll satisfy any meat lover out there. They do cap it at 4 beef x 4 cheese - you won't regret it.

2. Animal-style Burger

Animal burger and fries, In N' Out Burgertimegoodwin / instagram

In case you don't know what "animal style" means, here's the scoop: it means that each patty is grilled with mustard and then topped with pickles, chopped grilled onions and In-N-Out's famous sauce. You can even ask for double patties if you're craving more.

Want fries with your burger? Of course you do!

How about animal-style fries? If you've never heard of this, it's a regular order of fries, but with a special sauce on top.

The sauce is made up of mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, white vinegar, salt, and pepper - and cheese.

This is one of those things that you might think sounds gross at first, but once you try it, it Is hard to go back to normal burger and fries.

3. Whole Grilled Onion Burger

Double Double Animal Style with grilled onions In 'n Out burger secret menueatconomics / Instagram

There's one thing that can make your animal-style burger even better: a whole grilled onion.

Instead of being sliced and sitting around for who knows how long before being put on your burger, this will be freshly grilled and ready to go when you order it.

You can get the whole grilled onion with any burger on the menu—even the Animal-Style burger. So if you're feeling extra hungry or have a hankering for something like you'd get in a diner, add a whole grilled onion to your burger.

4. Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman In N' Outdutch_ketomom / instagram

If you are trying to avoid wheat or gluten, In-N-Out’s Flying Dutchman burger may be the solution you’ve been looking for. This burger is just pure beef and cheese—no buns!

The Flying Dutchman can satisfy your craving for a juicy In-N-Out patty without having to delve into the carbohydrate-rich realm of buns on a burger.

If you have an appetite and want more than just one Flying Dutchman, In-N-Out does a “Double” version of this dish that will be sure to satisfy your diet hunger.

It can be a messy experience, too - as you try to eat it without a bun!

5. The Wish Burger

If for some reason you've decided to step into In-N-Out as a non-meat eater, no problem at all. You can forgo all the beefiness for a simple salad-in-a-bun.

Also known as a Wish Burger (as in, "I wish there was meat in this burger"). That means they'll pile your choice of veggies (lettuce and tomato are available) on top of everything else that comes on their classic burgers, and then top it off with pickles and spread if you want.


In N' Out is Los Angeles' gift to the world of burgers.

In addition to the burgers you can order from their regular menu, there are some other awesome and delicious options on In N' Out's (not-so) secret menu. Just in case you don’t know about them - they are not on the menu in the restaurant, so you will have to ask.

Otherwise you may miss out on a great burger! And nobody wants that. You're welcome.

Have you tried the burgers from the In-N-Out's secret menu?

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Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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