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The 5 Fried Chicken Food Chains Los Angeles Loves the Most?


(Los Angeles, CA) - There's no doubt that Los Angeles loves its fried chicken chain restaurants.

According to the Top Agency Fried Chicken Report, fried chicken businesses have fared better than other fast-food establishments during a tough 2020 trading year for restaurants.

Here are the top five fried chicken chains in the state ranked from least to most favorite, according to Top Agency data research.

Favorite fried Chicken chains in Los AngelesMichael Dagonakis / unsplash

#5 Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A Los AngelesBrad Stallcup / Unsplash


Despite not being the most popular restaurant in many states, Chick-fil-A has seen a 23 percent increase in spending, showing that their delivery service was popular during this tough year. Another factor propelling Chick-fil-A to the top 5 is their cleanliness and service.

You can't deny that Chick-fil-A serves some of the tastiest fast food chicken in Los Angeles, especially those nuggets dipped in Polynesian sauce.

#4 Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

Fried Chicken chains in Los Angeles@Popeyes / Instagram

Popeyes have long been famed for their bone-in fried chicken. They turned the fried chicken world on its head in 2019 with introducing the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich quickly became a viral hit, and it sold out across the country. It wasn't difficult to see why they are popular in los Angeles.

Have you tried the fried chicken breast topped with pickles on a brioche bun drenched in your choice of mayo or Cajun sauce?

#3 Church's Chicken

Fried Chicken chains in Los Angeles@churchschicken / Instagram

Church's Chicken has some of the greatest breading on fried chicken. Everything is absolutely right, from the crispness to the spice. You are missing out if you have not eaten Church's biscuits. These buttery, they coated flaky cookies in gooey honey butter delight and one of Los Angeles's favorite fried chicken chains.

#2 KFC

Fried Chicken chains in Los AngelesZiyang Hsiung / instagram

Nothing compares to Kentucky fried chicken. With the crispy skin and the tasty white flesh chicken, those herbs and 11 distinct spices are a winning combination. You suck the final bite straight off the bone because it's so delicious. They are a classic choice for fried chicken in Los Angeles.

The Fried Chicken Report visits chicken restaurants around the country and discovered that KFC is presently America's favourite, topping the list in 14 states - except California.

#1 Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Fried Chicken chains in Los Angeles@raisingcanes / Instagram

How many kinds of chicken does Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers have? It is the one and only: chicken fingers.

You can have chicken fingers in different size combinations or on a Kaiser roll in their sandwich, but it's still all about the chicken fingers. The chicken is normally juicy. To get the most out of these chicken fingers, fill them up with Cane's sauce or eat with coleslaw - it's a tough call.

Raising Cane's success in Los Angeles and California makes it no surprise to find Raising Cane's has been the fastest growing fried chicken chain in America in the past few years.

Do you agree or disagree with this fried chicken ranking? What's your favorite fried chicken in Los Angeles?

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