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5 Reasons To Visit Donut Fest Los Angeles

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(Los Angeles, CA) Who doesn't love a good donut? Los Angeles is home to some of the best donuts in the country. If you love the donut life, then this event is for you.

Donut Fest is where we find our favorite donuts and guests can simply enjoy a Sunday Funday while sampling donuts, enjoying beer, coffeeElisa Kerschbaumer / unsplash

That's why tickets are now selling fast for this fun doughy event in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 14th, 2021.

It includes tasty treats from your favorite local donut shops along with beers or coffee.

They will help you discover new flavors while enjoying time with friends and family at this fun, sweet-tasting experience.

Donut Fest LA has curated the best donuts from all over Los Angeles, so you can try them without driving around town or waiting in long lines.

Plus, they pair each donut with craft beer, coffee, and more for an experience that will leave you feeling plenty of donut joy.

Los Angeles' Favorite Donut is... YOUR favorite donut!

All you need to do is show up with your ticket and vote for the best donuts in town.

The event will feature sweet and savory vendors from around Los Angeles, so you'll have plenty to choose from. You can't go wrong with any selection, but what would it be if you could only pick one?

The event has something for every donut lover: why not try a classic favorite such as old-fashioned glazed donuts or a more exotic option with bacon and maple syrup.

Some of the best donuts of the year in Los Angeles will be there, and we hope to see some of them again at Donut Fest.

One thing we do know is the competition is hot for the best donut in Los Angeles.

It's going to be difficult to choose just one. That's because this is an event showcasing many of Los Angeles' finest donuts.

Taste some of the unique flavors in town and vote on your favorite donut in Los Angeles.

Then, after your vote, and most importantly - you can eat them!

Five Valid Reasons Why You Need To Go To Donut Fest 2021

  1. You love donuts
  2. You also like to wash them down with beer or coffee
  3. You want to vote for Los Angele's best donut
  4. You need donuts
  5. And you want a fun, sugar-filled day out with family and friends

Donut Fest Los AngelesSerghei Savchiuc / unspalsh

Los Angeles Donut Fest Details

Cost $20 - $35 For more information, email hello@eatertainmint.events.

You can find tickets at eventbrite.com/e/donut-fest-la-tickets-87856580397.


2350 Sunrise Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023

Date and time

Sunday, November 14, 2021 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST

Donut Fest LA will come with different flavors of fried sweetness, some full size, and others quarter-size. Samples include at least 8 types of donuts in three hours or less by scooping up the crispy doughy goodness.

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