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Los Angeles's Best Quesadilla is a ‘Triple Threat’

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The perfect combination of American-Mexican flavors at All Flavor No Grease in Los Angeles

Comfort food at its best in Los Angeles@allflavornogrease / Instagram

Quesadillas are just an excellent, filling snack food. But they can sometimes be kind of bland.

I looked for something new to try in Los Angeles and found All Flavor No Grease Los Angeles on Instagram.

All Flavor No Grease in Watts serves up quesadillas that are the perfect combination of flavors I was craving at the moment. Keith Garret set up a restaurant on his front lawn on 108th Street in Watts. Also known as Chef Ocho, Keith Garret says to Munchies on Youtube, "It is food is Americanised Mexican food. I put a spin on the Mexican food, you could say."

The Triple Threat Quesadilla is exactly what you want when you're hungry and need some comfort food. It's loaded with chicken, steak, and shrimp with cheese and cilantro sauce, so it's basically an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

The problem with some quesadillas is that there’s not enough flavor going on inside of the tortilla itself.

You might have a ton of meat or cheese, but if your tortilla tastes like cardboard, the texture will waste all those delicious ingredients on an uninteresting texture.

Triple Threat Quesadilla in Los Angeles@allflavornogrease / Instagram

All Flavor No Grease Los Angeles has developed its own proprietary method for making quesadillas that pack more flavor.

Their secret? Well, for one, they swap the salsa verde with a cilantro-based sauce. With the sour cream, this makes sure every bite is packed with tons of savory goodness.

The cheesy Quesadilla is loaded with three different types of meat: chicken, steak, and shrimp.

Los Angeles is a big, beautiful city with an abundance of diverse food. One can find almost any type of cuisine and every block has its own specialty to offer you.

The Triple Threat Quesadilla is $20, but it will bring your taste buds back to life.

I know; $20 seems like a lot for a quesadilla. But the All Flavor No Grease Food Truck is worth it.

This truck offers many other mouthwatering dishes as well, so make sure you stop by soon to see what else they're cooking up!

All Flavor No Grease

728 E 108th St Los Angeles, CA 90059

If you're in the mood for a tasty American-Mexican dish that'll make your mouth water, this Triple Threat Quesadilla is just what you need. Loaded with chicken, steak, and shrimp, it's an explosion of flavor in every bite. Have you tried the Triple Threat Quesadilla? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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