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The Original Breakfast Burrito Place in Los Angeles Turns 60

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How many people knew that Breakfast Burritos were first served in Pasadena, California?

My favorite in the whole wide world Sausage Breakfast Burrito says CarbZombie@lucky_boy_restaurants / Instagram

If you're wondering where to get breakfast on the go in Los Angeles, look no further than the original breakfast burrito

This year they celebrate 60 years in Los Angeles and have not changed recipes or menu items much since then.

Lucky Boy Drive-In is even credited with inventing their most famous contribution to LA food: The Breakfast Burrito. So, how did it happen?

Lucky Boy, 2020 by Perry Levine@lucky_boy_restaurants / Instagram
The breakfast burrito was first concocted sometime in the 1970s after a customer on the go decided to ask for his eggs, bacon, and potatoes all rolled up into one big handful.

The first breakfast burrito is a Lucky Boy creation

This traditional Mexican dish differs from most burritos because it only consists of potatoes, eggs, cheese, and other traditional breakfast options like crispy bacon.

Lucky Boy also offers other food options like tacos, nachos, and salads, but their signature dish is still, and always will be, the breakfast burrito.

The company prides itself on using quality ingredients to ensure they provide only the best customer experience possible.

What's in your Lucky Boy breakfast burrito? The answer to this question is a lot more complex than you might think

We have the tortilla and flour; they're not just for show—they provide structural integrity while also offering some flexibility with fillings that you can add on top of them!

When the orders start to come in, Lucky Boy's restaurant workers know exactly what they have to do.

The first step is eggs: a beaten wash of three eggs makes up the body of their breakfast burrito and is always on hand when an order comes through.

They bubble up fast and require a quick swirl-through with a spatula until firm without turning into rubber - it takes experience for this part!

Once that job has been completed, all you need next is some cheese (a lot!), potatoes (to bind everything together), and bacon.

As well as any other add-ins like jalapenos which will spice things right up before rolling them all tightly inside one large tortilla wrap ready for sale.

Lucky Boy serves breakfast all day long, with their most popular item being the Breakfast Burrito filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, sausages, potatoes, and bacon.

All wrapped in a case of flour tortilla served with grill marks from their superior grill with french fries from their bubbling fryers.

Breakfast burrito in Los Angeles@lucky_boy_restaurants / Instagram

Celebrating 60 years with Lucky Boy Los Angeles

If you are looking for the best, most meaty, and ridiculously oversized breakfast burrito in Los Angeles, then look no further than at this iconic take-out window.

Lucky Boy has been serving up breakfast for 60 years. But, like the cars back then, they don't skimp on size when it comes to the Breakfast burrito.

However, if that is not enough to fill your appetite, they also have burgers, carne asada, and sandwiches such as the glorious patty melt with grilled onions. Come for breakfast, and you may find you want to stay all day.

Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant
640 S. Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, Los Angeles

I hope you enjoyed the article. Have you tried the Lucky Boy breakfast burrito before? We'd love to know your thoughts.

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