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The Most Expensive Restaurant in Los Angeles Seats Only 10 Guests

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What is the most expensive restaurant in Los Angeles?Huy Phan / Pexels

The price tag is hefty, but then again, this is the most expensive restaurant in Los Angeles. It's a sushi bar with just 10 seats nightly. And it is consistently ranked among the best in the world.

N. Rodeo Dr. in Berverly Hills is home to many of the most exclusive boutique stores in all of Los Angeles, but one restaurant can’t be replicated: Urasawa.

But if you want to taste it, be ready to pay for it. There is no menu; rather, Urasawa has a 29-course (!) omakase set menu that changes daily.

But that's not to say that it isn't worth going at all--the meal is stunning in its intricacy.

Urasawa, Beverly Hills Los Angeles@urasawabeverlyhills / Instagram

Located in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Urasawa is a modern Japanese restaurant that offers an exclusive dining experience for the sushi-lover.

Purists will appreciate its emphasis on seafood—which you'll find here more pristine than at most places in the city—but there are also plenty of creative, Western-style options for newcomers.

It's the West Coast version of New York City's Masa -- which is not surprising considering Urasawa chef-owner Hiroyuki Urasawa trained under Masa Takayama.

Ever since Hiroyuki Urasawa left the sushi bar at Masa, his elegant Los Angeles restaurant has gone from a must-know to a must-eat.

The remarkably honed repertoire is led by this chef who is widely regarded as the best sushi chef in Los Angeles (maybe even all of California).

Chef Urasawa@urasawabeverlyhills / Instagram

Urasawa boasts an exquisite suite of seasonal kaiseki (small cold and hot dishes) followed by series of the freshest sushi in Los Angeles.

Hiro Urasawa fuses Japanese and Western ingredients such as truffle with squid or black cod wagyu beef satay on top of burdock and Japanese pumpkin.

Although you will never have the same meal: The menu changes daily to take advantage of the freshest seafood.

The sushi bar overlooks the kitchen and an open area where diners will see the Chef concentrating on slicing the fish and creating his masterpieces.
A glamorous dining room is divided into two spaces: a sushi bar with just enough room for 10 diners who will arrive nightly to taste perhaps the best sushi in the country and the most expensive.
Urasawa, Beverly Hills Los Angeles@urasawabeverlyhills / Instagram

Hiroyuki Urasawa has been creating omakase masterpieces nightly for years. Since opening in 2003, Urasawa has garnered a handful of awards, including two Michelin stars.

While omakase means you receive what the Chef decides on the day, expect to pay accordingly. But don't use your phone; there is a "no photos" rule.
Urasawa, Beverly Hills Los Angeles@urasawabeverlyhills / Instagram

Sitting at the sushi bar (which only seats 10) and ordering Chef Takashi’s omakase (leave it to the chef).

You are guaranteed to have an experience unlike any other in Los Angeles, some may argue, or anywhere in the country.

kaiseki@urasawabeverlyhills / Instagram

There aren’t many sushi restaurants that can even claim to approach the heights attained at Urasawa, so get ready to try some of the best Japanese food on the planet.

Final Thoughts

The meal will cost you $400 for one, and the bill will almost definitely go above $1,000 for a date.

Is it worth it? It's pricey, but if you are a sushi fan, the extremely fresh and expertly handled seafood is worth every penny.

218 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA

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