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The Long Beach spot for a romantic meal with a sunset view

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They say you eat first with your eyes, and as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Long Beach, Parkers' Lighthouse delivers on this perfectly.

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Without a second thought (it is always like that), go there for a birthday dinner. On a sunny afternoon, take a seat by a nice window overlooking Long Beach harbor.

The staff is amiable and attentive, and the atmosphere makes everyone feel comfortable right away.

When it is beautiful weather outside, many visitors enjoy their lunch or dinner on the restaurant's patio.

Supporting Sustainable Seafood in Long Beach

The magic of Parkers’ Lighthouse lies in the all-too-often overlooked details.

There is often a subtlety and sophistication in their dishes that we strive to achieve through local knowledge and simple, flavorful ingredients.

With an emphasis on conservation and preservation of both the land and sea, they strive to source their food as locally as possible.

Parkers’ Lighthouse restaurant is all about serving the best possible local seafood. They love seafood so much; they wanted to make sure you knew exactly where it was from.

And they are proud to support the Aquarium of the Pacific's Seafood for the Future program by serving only sustainable species.

This approach allows them to highlight seafood's natural flavors, allowing guests to taste the purity of what comes directly from our shores.

The restaurant features fresh seafood from Southern California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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The Perfect Date Night at Parkers' Lighthouse in Long Beach

The first thing to order is the Clam Chowder and a Lobster Bisque to start. They are very more-ish; if the fish dishes weren't so tempting, you would want to have them again as mains.

There is plenty of great fish on the menu for the main meal depending on the catch of the day: in this case, Branzino sea bass. And if you don't eat seafood, there are choices for you, such as an excellent chicken burger.

The plates are hot on arrival. The chips are crispy and delicious. The fish, flaky, perfectly crusted, and fantastic.

The Branzino was expertly prepared, beautifully plated and a very delicious surprise. The coleslaw is fantastic as well.

By the Dock, by the Bay, this place is special. It's right on the harbor with terrific views of the Queen Mary to distract while you enjoy some really good food.

Parkers' Lighthouse is also recognized for its extensive wine list and outstanding food.

Good food, excellent service, and a fantastic view. It's not the cheapest place, but it's worth it.

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The old-fashioned feel of downtown Long Beach

The interior is designed with some Victorian touches in keeping with the old-fashioned feel of downtown Long Beach. You have seating on an outdoor patio overlooking the water. While inside, there are tables and cozy nooks for all sizes.

You can see the Queen Mary, Catalina Island, and the surrounding coast with all the lights twinkling over the water.

It's a wonderfully romantic spot (plus, if you time it right, you will be there for a million-dollar firework show on a holiday). The view is spectacular as you gaze out across all this vast area.

The sea views inspire Parkers to create fresh modern dishes, well-paired with hand-crafted wines and original house cocktails.

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Where to find Parkers' Lighthouse in Long Beach

Parkers’ Lighthouse is located in the Long Beach area, right at home on the water with spectacular views. Daily, they are work with their local surroundings to provide quality seafood to their guests.

Parkers' Lighthouse is located off of Shoreline Drive in the Shoreline Village shopping complex, and there is a surface parking lot that serves the site.

It is paid to park, and Parkers' restaurant validates for a discount price.

If you want to celebrate with a special meal in Long Beach, this is a fantastic place for romantic dinners or family occasions. A seafood lover won't want to miss it.

Parkers' Lighthouse Long Beach

435 Shoreline Village Dr.

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 432-6500

Reservations are recommended.

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