11 Very Last-Minute Christmas Ideas Under $20 You Can Pick Up Easily On The Frantic Rush Home

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If you are rushing home faster than Bruce Willis in Die Hard and are quickly running out of time, money, and ideas, don't worry! We all know the holiday season may look a little different this year. Here are 11 gift ideas that you can pick up on your way home from convenience stores or airports.

These are desperate measures for desperate times.!

Sure, you may need to ask someone to wrap a little paper around them in the store, but it’s better to arrive with something rather than nothing. You will not forgive yourself and perhaps never be forgiven!

In case you can’t make it to your family or friends this holiday season, they are also widely available to buy online. However, they may arrive after Christmas at this late stage if you are sticking to a budget of under $20. Everyone has learned to be a little more patient this year with the pandemic. Hopefully, the family will understand some gifts are on their way in the post.

The good thing is you actually made it home. Congratulations! With all the travel disruptions and pandemic problems this year, that's an achievement in itself. You can now relax and enjoy this very unusual holiday season we find ourselves having this year.

All of these gift ideas have one person in mind: on-the-go for busy people flying or driving home to make it before the dinner is on the table. Even a frantic person can find most of these gifts under $20, some a lot less. They are easy to see and don't take long to buy. Perfectly quick if you have a turkey dinner is waiting for you at home, and you're already late.

1. For the Man With Everything: Socks

Okay, hear me out. I know socks are the most predictable gift for men at Christmas time. But they are the most popular stocking filler around the country for a reason. It's because everyone needs more socks—all the time. Most people have a cupboard of one sock and missing the other. (Where do they go?). Bonus points for novelty socks for a little extra Christmas cheer.

2. For the Relative You Have Not Seen in a Decade: Soap Gift Packs

Many chemists put together a special Christmas gift pack of soap at this time of year, which sometimes includes a matching moisturizer. What’s so great about a gift pack of soap is it is already wrapped for you. They can be simple Nivea gift packs or more fancy French ones. There is plenty of choice under $20. Grab n’ go.

3.For the Style-Conscious Teenager: Face Masks

At least one thing has improved this year, and that’s the variety of face masks you can now buy. There are funny face masks for kids, as well as tastefully floral ones for women. A multi-colored pack could be a good buy, too. Today, you can not have enough face masks at home. It’s the new one-thing always getting lost.

4. For the Wanderlust Relative: Luggage Scale

Spare a thought for people who love to travel. They’ve had one of the worst years on record. One thing they do like is gadgets. Many airports sell excellent gadgets for travelers that just can’t be found anywhere else. An electronic luggage scale will be appreciated for its gadget-value and travel geekiness.

5. For the Budding Writer: A Notebook

If you have a relative who loves to write and take notes, a beautiful journal is an excellent gift. There are many to choose from nowadays in book stores and newsagent. It’s an easy gift to find and will always be appreciated, from a fancy Moleskine to a pretty-colored hardback journal.

6. For the Joker in the Family: A Funny Mug

Don’t overlook mugs for Christmas. Whether they are Christmas ones or not. There are some hilarious ones out there, along with the usual “Best Dad in the World.” Much like socks, it’s not as boring as it sounds. Everyone appreciates a new mug to drink coffee in the morning. Especially if they raise a smile. Bonus? Mugs are easy to carry with you home and are usually gift wrapped at the counter.

7. For the Cool Heads in the Family: A Woolen Hat

Who doesn’t want their head to stay warm in winter? A woolen beanie is a great gift idea and, don’t worry, because they stretch, they will fit nearly any size of the head. If they have a matching scarf, it could make a set. Woolen hats are always being lost at this time of year. Your gift could be perfect timing.

8. For the Tweens: A Pack of Cards (Real Cards, Not Online)

You can find a pack of cards at most airports and convenience stores. But why would I suggest a pack of cards for the under 13s? For today's under 13s, cards are quite a novelty. Mostly only played on TV shows today. Unless they are taught how to play, they will never learn. The classic games such as Bridge and Poker are better learned when you are younger, too. Plus, the parents will be happy the kids are off the screen for an hour or two.

9. For New Years Day: A Spiced Coffee Pack From Your Local Coffee Chop

Thinking ahead to the new year, a special coffee is a good choice for the family's connoisseur. There are many new coffee flavors, even in supermarkets, although some coffee shops also may sell their propriety blend for you to take home. They can also be quite local to your area, which makes it even more special. A packet of local, Christmas blend of coffee is a good value gift and will be cherished the morning after New Year's Eve.

10. For the Reader in the Family: A Good Book

On the one hand, this is quite easy to find if you are in a rush and need to quickly pick up a gift. However, if you do not know your recipient's taste in books, this could also be quite tricky. Steer clear of political books or current affairs unless you want to have arguments over the dinner table all holidays.

11. For the Long-Suffering Partner Making The Christmas Dinner and Worried You Won't Make It Home on Time: A Bunch of Flowers and Chocolates

The old standby! Beware: some wives are suspicious of flowers. Is it true - you only see a bunch of flowers when something has gone wrong? Whether it is true or not, most people will never turn away a beautiful bunch of roses or something more seasonal.

Flowers are one of the best gifts at any time of year. There are also flower subscriptions to receive flowers every month. They are online. But if you are looking for something to have in your hand when you arrive at the front door, then at least pick up some flowers and chocolates. Good luck! #nbholidaycheer

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