Wisconsin Man Flirts with Death after New Furnace Installation

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A Wisconsin man had a close call with death after he had a new furnace manufactured by Rheem installed in his home. A few days after installation he described he felt like he was coming down something.

A week after the furnace was installed he remembers sitting down in the evening and after that he blacked out for 3 whole days. After his son couldn't get ahold of him he his dads brother check up on him. He explained he was real confused and didn't know what had happened. His brother talked him into going to the emergency room.

After being at the hospital for 4 hours he was feeling a lot better, but no answer on what the problem was. Back home he went but was really confused what happened, something just didn't make since.

Then about a week later he awoke in the middle of the night not feeling right. He was so thirsty but he couldn't drink enough water to help. He then thought maybe it's just dry in the house from the new furnace. He explained he went to the garage to get a humidifier but that didn't help either. He said he felt so horrible that he drove himself to ER. It was difficult to back the car out of the garage.

After spending another 4 hours at the hospital he was feeling good again. They did a blood test for carbon monoxide but they drew the test when he was feeling good, so nothing showed up.

So going home again and becoming more confused of what's going on, it must be something with the furnace he thought. Not getting a return call from the business that installed the furnace he was getting frustrated. 18 days now being Poisoned by carbon monoxide.

He woke up again in the middle of the night and again he drove himself to the hospital. This time they ran a blood test for carbon monoxide right away. the test came back positive for high carbon monoxide. The doctor came in and asked if he's been working on cars lately, no he answered. So now they knew it was the new furnace.

After leaving the hospital on a Sunday morning he called the furnace installer and told him he better come check out the furnace right away. Sure enough after using a carbon monoxide tester it was leaking. He was then told that the furnace had a faulty heat exchanger.

He went on to say he talked to someone from Rheem and they wanted to fix the furnace but he went on to say he doesn't want that death trap in his house. He has tried numerous times to talk with someone from the Rheem Manufacturing company with no success to settle some kind of reimbursement for pain and suffering and medical bills. Since the incident he went on to say he suffers from anxiety and depression just to name a few.

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