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I'm creating a new Ultimate Media-Site of\for Social\Business\Etc; mostover, which is also for creative people of ideas\inventions\etc; which includes laws\unlawful matters\etc of whatso, whereas I am a creative whisperer of ideas\inventions\etc, also a legal wrangler too\to share whatso, that\which is numerously applicable\etc, in many fields science, metaphysics, music's\screenplays\etc, martial arts, skating; moreover, I'm a sports legion of Broomball circa 1972; I'm also creating the like as "HockeyBall," for international league. I have registered circa 800+ ideas\inventions\etc, written circa 200 songs, created circa 10 reality shows, over circa 13 screenplays\etc. I am the original discoverer\inventor of creating "PneuTronics\Etc," a/r/a "Petualmatic," which is "perpetual pneumatic power" (World changing power\energy, a\r\a "Airnergies\Etc); "AirTronic" technologies\etc, which is the "PneuPower" of\for the modern "AirCar" (@Google seek: "air car"). Furthermoreover, circa 1966, I created\invented the "Cigatube," which look's like a cigarette, a/r/a (also referred as) "One Hitter" & "Sneak-A-Toke," which include "eCigarettes" & "Vapor-pipes\etc, " too. Furthermostover, I am developing a franchise of\for "Marijuana Lounges." Circa 2019, China had implemented my "RFID-Tags" for all Vehicle's License Plates in China. I have been collaborating with "CDC\FDA\Etc, supporting collaborations with "Johnson & Johnson" and "P&G" and "Tootsie\Etc, for developing "COVID-19 Vaccination Patches\Gummies\Etc, which includes developing "CBD\THC\Etc" patches\gummies\etc. However, I've also submitted my solutions for "RFID-Tag" implanted for "Gun Control. I've also submitted a new "Voting Machine System." Also active with "Music Ventures\Etc," which includes "XBOX GAMING VENTURES" (XGV), and much more, too! Learn how I became the world's first "Multi-Trillionaire!" Finally, as not lest or last, learn of my current matter, that\which includes, as I'm about to be release from rehab, after circa 16 months, from third degree sunburn, which began circa June 2019, @Starbucks. Wealth didn't spare me from a Black-Widow's wrath of dubious thievery\etc, and malicious sinister murders of circa four (4), perhaps five (5) demise deaths by\via deceitful sinister design, and judicial misconducts\frauds\etc, a/r/a "Judicial Malpractice\fraud\etc;" nor did wealth save me from all the pain and suffering of\from circa five (5) years of homelessness\etc, caused by\via the Black-Widow; yet, I survived, like the phoenix, I am rising too\to my calling! All matters mentioned herein had been poster on my facebook and elsewhere, too; followed by\via circa 10,000 followers\etc! Got it? Want too\to know more!? Just ask!!! NOTE! This Document May Be a “GOVERNING INSTRUMENT,” by\via NRS 111.713\NRS 132.155 “Nevada Electronic Filing,” a/r/a “NRS 719.010,” a/r/a “Uniform Electronic Transaction Act” (a/r/a “NRS 719.010 – NRS 721.170”) DW LEOPARD MCDONALD 725-261-0779 404 S. Bolder Hwy PO Box 92341 Henderson, Nevada 89015-2341 LeopardMcDonald@outlook.com Facebook @Leopard McDonald ©2021 MCDONALD – 06-11-2021