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Tito’s Tacos, a Restaurant in LA for 64 Years, in Center of a Heated Debate Over the City’s Gentrification


Is Tito's Tacos a victim of gentrification in Los Angeles?

The much-loved Tito's Tacos, a restaurant in LA County for over 60 years, has been at the center of a heated debate over LA's gentrification.

Some Redditors have criticized the quality of the tacos, while others have defended the hard shell tacos out of nostalgia.

However, the debate is not just about the tacos, it's about the future of beloved cultural landmarks like Tito's Tacos in the face of corporate development and urban renewal.

The post has clearly struck a chord with greater LA residents, receiving over 180 comments in two days.

Tito's Tacos

Photo byTito's Tacos/ Instagram

Tito's Tacos, a greater Los Angeles-area icon in Culver City, was established in 1959 by Benjamin Davidson, and has been serving its signature hard-shell tacos made to the same recipe introduced in 1959 ever since.

The menu, which has remained unchanged for decades, uses cold cheese and has attracted attention for its salsa, that according to KCET in 2016, the red sauce was "57 Years in the Making".

The debate over Tito's Tacos

The hard shell taco is "pure nostalgia" for people in Los AngelesPhoto byInstagram / Tito's Tacos

The Reddit post, which received 180 comments, criticized the tacos for being “bland and underseasoned” and lacking in bold cheddar flavor.

The accompanying tomato salsa was also criticized as being “blended tomatoes and nothing more”.

While some commenters agreed with the original poster’s criticisms, others rushed to defend the restaurant, citing nostalgia as a reason for its continued popularity.

Many commenters agreed with the original poster, with one user saying, “If you ever want to start a flame war on one of the Culver city Facebook groups, just post, 'Tito's is some of the best Mexican food in LA.'”.

What will the future hold for traditional restaurants as Los Angeles continues to gentrify?

Gentrication in cities is the process that leads to displacement of the original inhabitants due to rising rents and property values.

The debate over Tito’s Tacos highlights the larger issue of gentrification in Los Angeles, as longtime residents struggle to protect their memories of the city from the ever-growing shadow of corporate development and costs.

It serves as a reminder that no part of the city is immune to this debate, not even beloved restaurants.

Will the citizens of Los Angeles fight to keep their beloved restaurants alive or give in to the pressures of corporate development?

Debates over Tito’s Tacos will continue until this question is answered.

As one commenter on the original post stated,

“It’s pure nostalgia and I know you are right in my bones but it was so omnipresent in my childhood growing up in Culver City. I still have such love for the crunchy shells and green, spicy salsa.”

Tito's Tacos 11222 Washington Pl, Culver City, CA 90230, United States


As the city continues to develop, longtime residents are struggling to protect their memories of their city from the ever-growing shadow of rising costs and gentrification.

The debate over Tito’s Tacos is a reminder that no part of the city is immune to this debate, not even beloved restaurants.

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