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This Chinese Takeout Spot has been Named the Best in California


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Have you ever come home from a long day or week and don't feel like going out to a restaurant?

If so, you're not alone. But what should you do when you're too tired to cook? The answer is simple: Chinese takeout.

That's because a recent study found that Chinese takeout improved happiness levels by 58%.

Study Shows Chinese Takeout is the Most Satisfying Meal

In a recent study by the German food delivery app Lieferando, Chinese food is the most satisfying meal people eat. The study analyzed the emotional reactions of 2,158 individuals who ordered 11 different types of food through the app.

Participants' BMIS scores increased from 142 pre-meal to an average of 225 after feasting Chinese favorites like sweet and sour pork or chicken chow mein. But where to go in California?

According to Eat This, if you're looking for the best place to get Chinese takeout in California, look no further than Los Angeles.

Specifically, Yang Chow, which has been a local LA institution since its opening in 1977.

Yang Chow: The Best Place for Chinese Takeout in Los Angeles

Yang Chow, 819 N Broadway Los Angeles, California 90012, tel: (213) 625-0811Photo byYang Chow - Yelp

Customers have praised the quality of their food, and the restaurant's signature dish is the slippery shrimp, fried shellfish served with sweet and sticky chili, garlic, and vinegar sauce.

One customer who visited Yang Chow after 10 years noted that the food was just as good as they remembered. The ordered the world-famous slippery shrimp, hot and sour soup, and beef fried rice.

A review from 3/25/2023 by Yelp reviewer Kelsey M explains:

"Everyone needs to try the slippery shrimp. I swear, every time we pass by this place, there's a line outside. We finally gave in and boy, were we glad we did! We ordered the Szechuan beef, chicken wings, and, of course, the slippery shrimp. All three dishes were fantastic, but let me tell you, that shrimp stole the show. It was so good! The service was quick and friendly, and the ambiance was relaxed with celeb pics covering the walls - talk about star-studded dining! If you're in Chinatown, don't hesitate to give this spot a try."

Yelp reviews of Yang Chow also consistently praised the quality and consistency of their food.

Yang Chow has been there for Los Angeles takeout cravings for 46 years.

Yang Chow, 819 N Broadway Los Angeles, California 90012, tel: (213) 625-0811

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