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Seattle Woman Surprised After Pizza She Ordered 4 Months Ago on Waiting List Turned Up Unexpectedly


One pizza place in Seattle has recently gained attention not just for its mouthwatering pies but also for its unconventional business model
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Seattle's food scene has always been a topic of conversation, and the city's unique pizza joints are no exception.

Moto Pizza, located in the city's West Seattle neighborhood, has built a cult-like following with a waiting list of several months for its pies.

A recent story by a Seattle woman about forgetting her order from Moto Pizza and receiving it four months later has taken TikTok by storm with 2.7 million views.

Here’s what happened

According to the TikToker, she ordered the exclusive pizza on November 15, 2022, and was supposed to pick it up on March 22, 2023. That's nearly four months!

So, she forgot about the pickup date as no reminders were sent by the pizza place.

Finally, after enjoying a delicious homemade meal prepared by her husband, she received a text message informing her that her $100 order was ready, which she had already paid.

She joked about whether the pizza could be frozen.

The restaurant is now accepting orders for May/June at their Edmonds location, but the west Seattle store is already sold out.

What is Moto Pizza and why is it so special?
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Moto Pizza has built a cult-like following in Seattle, but they don’t take orders over the phone, there is no place to dine inside, and you must place your order months in advance.

The story shocked the audience, but clearly, Moto Pizza is doing something right.

What does the story of Moto Pizza tell us?

Commenters on TikTok had mixed reactions to this story. While some were excited to try the pizza, others were skeptical of the hype.

Viewer @Stock commented, “I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life, and I have no idea what pizza you’re talking about.”

Another viewer said, “What’s so special about it? That’s crazy to wait that long for pizza. I can’t imagine anything being that good.”

However, others seemed to understand the appeal, with viewer @MrsMo jokingly suggesting that the pizza must contain THC.

Is FOMO a growing problem?

People will go to great lengths, including waiting months for a pizza, to be part of a unique experience.

This mentality is broader than just food; people often feel pressure to keep up with the latest trends and adventures to avoid feeling left out.

Social media exacerbates this issue by constantly bombarding users with posts of other people’s experiences, leading to anxiety and inadequacy.

Your thoughts

What do you think about this story? Have you tried this pizza? Would you wait 4 months for your pizza order?

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