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Reno Man Discovers Rare Nintendo Video Game From 1987 Worth $9,000 in Childhood Home


How a forgotten Nintendo game turned into a $10,000 Easter egg for one lucky family in Reno

An unexpected discovery in a Reno home has ignited interest in vintage video game collecting.

Scott Amos found an unopened copy of the cult classic video game Kid Icarus, released in 1987, in the attic of his childhood home on Mother's Day.

The game, still in its original packaging from J.C. Penney's catalog department, sold at auction for $9,000 at an online auction.

Mystery Surrounding the Game's Origin
Nintendo Entertainment SystemPhoto byJason LeungonUnsplash

Amos never remembers owning his own copy of the game, and no one in the family recalls purchasing it.

However, the purchase date of 8th December 1988 hints that it may have been intended as a Christmas present.

The family has tried to remember how the game ended in the attic. Amos's mother thinks she put it there and never got it back out, leading it to end up in the attic.

A Valuable Surprise

Amos initially thought the game was worth a couple hundred dollars and left it on the kitchen counter.

When he emailed experts and received a reply, he realized its value.

The video game grading service, Wata Games, gave Amos' copy a rating of 8.0 on a 10-point scale.

Few Sealed Copies Exist

According to Valarie McLeckie, video game consignment director at Heritage Auctions, fewer than 10 factory-sealed copies of Kid Icarus are in the hands of vintage game collectors.

"Kid Icarus is one of the hardest NES titles to find in sealed condition," said McLeckie in a news release.

"To find a sealed copy 'in the wild,' so to speak, not to mention one in such a nice condition and one with such transparent provenance, is both an unusual and rather historic occurrence."

Game Details

The game follows a cupid-like protagonist named Pit as he attempts to rescue Palutena, the goddess of light, who is imprisoned by the evil Medusa.

"Get ready for the action and adventure of Greek Mythology translated to the Video Age," says the game's packaging. "Will you survive to restore Palutena's light and return it to 'Angel Land'? Only you know."

Since the auction, the game's value keeps rising in value. The person who bought it will now only accept bids over $30,450, according to the Heritage Auctions website.

Is there Treasure in Your Attic?

Amos's discovery sparked excitement amongst video game collectors.

Many are rummaging through their attics to see if they have any hidden gems. It begs the question: could you have treasure hidden in your attic? It's time to look and see if there are any lost Christmas presents or forgotten items that could be valuable to collectors!

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