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Employees Reveal Spooky Sightings at This Cheesecake Factory in California

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Did you know that 2 in 5 people believe in ghosts? With such a high percentage, it's no wonder this video about the Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles county has gained much attention recently for its spooky history.

So many people are intrigued by dining with ghosts, and apparently this Cheesecake Factory is said to be haunted. A Los Angeles instagram that delves into paranormal went to check it out.

Here's what happened
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Instagram account @spookyfoodieofficial is a fascinating account that shares intriguing stories about haunted places in Los Angeles.

Her account provides its followers with a glimpse of the city's darker side by showcasing various paranormal activities and occurrences that have been reported in different places.

The Instagram covers many haunted locations in Los Angeles, from abandoned hospitals to eerie hotels. Perfect for those who are interested in paranormal activities, horror stories, or those who enjoy a good scare.

In particular, social media has taken notice of the Cheesecake Factory in Old Town Pasadena, for its spooky past shared by employees and former employees.
According to employees, the location used to be a bank.Photo byInstagram/ @spookyfoodieofficial

In the @spookyfoodie reel, the staff say they have seen the spirit of a little girl hanging around the Dungeon.

According to the video, the location used to be a bank and the ghost is allegedly a bank teller's daughter who died.

The video has garnered attention for the restaurant's paranormal activity, leaving viewers intrigued and a little spooked.

Reactions to the Instagram video

The reactions to the video were varied, with some taking it seriously and others joking about the situation.

Some commenters shared their experiences working at the restaurant, while others made light of the situation.

Despite the mixed reactions, it is clear that the video has sparked interest in the restaurant's spooky history and the possibility of dining with ghosts.

Are these experiences real or just a figment of our imagination? How do we explain the existence of ghosts and haunted places? These questions have puzzled and fascinated people for centuries and continue to do so.


The haunted Cheesecake Factory in Old Town Pasadena, CA, is an example of the enduring appeal of the paranormal and a good ghost story.

Whether a true story or a made-up legend, it captures people's imagination and sparks curiosity about the unknown.

The Cheesecake Factory Old Town Pasadena

2 West Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91101


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So, what do you think about the haunted Cheesecake Factory? Do you believe in ghosts or think it's just a made-up story? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let your friends and family know about it through social media if you like.

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