Worker Says Tech Company Fired Staff By First Locking Them Out of Their Computer, Sparking Debate


In the fast-paced world of technology, job security can be elusive. Even the most highly paid and coveted positions can disappear in the blink of an eye.

This reality was brought home recently in a viral TikTok video reported on The Daily Dot that captured the moment a man discovered he had been laid off from his "fancy tech job."

With over 827,400 views and counting, the video has sparked a conversation about the impersonal nature of layoffs and the uncertainty of employment in the tech industry.

Here's what happened

Zach's experience of getting locked out of his computer and then reaching out to IT for assistance is a common practice in most workplaces.

However, in Zach's case, the password that IT requested was not a forgotten one, but rather an indicator that his employment had been terminated.
Zach finds out he is laid off from his "fancy tech job" after being locked out of his work computerPhoto byTikTok/ @zaaachydub

It's an unsettling feeling to be locked out of your computer and have request access from IT, if you can, but it's a protocol that most companies seem to follow to ensure data security.

Reactions to the video

In the video's comments section, viewers discussed their experiences with surprise layoffs.

Most were appalled at how inhumanely Zach was treated, noting that Zach’s manager should have contacted him before he was locked out of his computer.

"I am flabbergasted at how impersonal these layoffs are. I got laid off in December and at least my manager and he told me before I got locked out!" one commenter said.

Another said: "I don’t understand why they treat people like a number. It’s disheartening."

What's behind the surge of tech layoffs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley?

Layoffs continue to impact the tech industry in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, with Google and Salesforce being among the companies that have recently posted significant job cuts.

According to TechCrunch in a March 20, 2023 post entitled: A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs," in 2023, San Francisco Bay Area-headquartered companies laid off 121,205 (total count sourced from,

This follows on from more than 47,000 layoffs in 2022.

The SF Gate reports on a discussion on a tech job forum:

"On Blind, the anonymous job forum, multiple users lamented the Google layoffs, in part because of how resistant the company has been to layoffs up to this point. One worker said Google was “the last company” they expected to conduct layoffs, while another wrote a curt message: “No one is safe.”"

These stories are a stark reminder of the precarious job market, especially in the tech industry. Layoffs are common, and since 2020, job security has become even more uncertain.

This systemic issue in many industries highlights a fundamental imbalance in how employers and employees are treated.

Your thoughts

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