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Where to Go for Buffalo Wings in Los Angeles


Wingin' It Like a Local

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These spicy, tangy chicken wings are a staple food for sports fans, I mean who doesn't love a finger-licking snack during the game.

And in Los Angeles, we have plenty of spots to indulge in this classic dish while watching your team. From traditional buffalo wings to creative twists on the recipe, the options are good.

Recently, an East Coast transplant asked a forum where to go for the best wings in LA. Here's what local fans had to say.

What makes Buffalo wings so tasty?

Casa Buona LAPhoto byLilly K/ yelp

Firstly, you know what makes buffalo wings, buffalo wings? They're these crispy chicken wings and they're not just any wings, they're coated in this spicy, tangy sauce. But it's like hot sauce mixed with butter, it's a whole thing.

Traditionally they serve it at the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing. The spicy sauce with the crispy and juicy chicken: it's just too good.

You can find these bad boys everywhere, at sports games, at your local pub, even at fancy restaurants.

The Top Spots for Buffalo Wings in Los Angeles

Ye Rustic Inn Los Feliz Los AngelesPhoto byJeff C./ yelp

Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz was the clear winner, with many reviewers praising it.

"I've had these and loved them! Yes, they've been the closest thing I've had so far," one user wrote.

Others cited Cosa Buona in Los Angeles, Rocco's Tavern in Beverly Hills, and Alondra Hot Wings and Pizza in Montebello as having some of the best Buffalo wings in the city.

Unique Takes on Buffalo Wings in Los Angeles

Idle Hour Los AngelesPhoto byJeff C. / yelp

Suppose you're looking for something outside the classic Buffalo flavor.

In that case, Idle Hour in North Hollywood offers an incredible take on the dish. Their 'Chicken Bites' is a must-try. "Best chicken I've ever had," one reviewer wrote.

Or else, Shellback Tavern in Manhattan Beach has the best boneless buffalo (and plain) chicken tenders.

The Range of Buffalo Wings in Los Angeles

Shellback Tavern Manhattan BeachPhoto byScott B. Yelp

There are plenty of options if you prefer traditional Buffalo sauce or something more adventurous, like garlic parmesan or honey mustard.

The range of Buffalo wing options in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. From classic to creative, there's something for everyone.

Here's a list of some favorites:

  1. Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz
  2. Cosa Buona in Los Angeles
  3. Rocco’s Tavern in Beverly Hills
  4. Alondra Hot Wings and Pizza in Montebello
  5. Idle Hour in North Hollywood
  6. Shellback Tavern in Manhattan Beach


Maybe you're a purist and prefer the traditional buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing.

Or maybe you like to live on the wild side and try out creative twists on the classic dish. But whatever your preference, there's a wing that's right for you in LA.

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