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Tourist Amazed by Menu at World's Largest McDonald's Featuring Dessert Bar and Arcade


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Hold on to your fries and prepare to be amazed.

Did you know that McDonald's generates more than $100 billion in revenue annually in the United States alone? But one location in Orlando, Florida, is taking the fast food experience to the next level.

TikToker and British tourist Katie Ellison (@katie_ellison) recently visited Epic McD and shared her experience with her followers, causing a stir online.

So, what happened during Ellison's visit? Many people seem to want to know: the video has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

What makes Epic McD different from regular McDonald's restaurants?

McDonald's restaurant opened in Orlando, Florida, the "World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's", aka Epic McD (formerly Mickey D's).

It boasts an impressive floor area of 19,000 square feet (1,800 m2), making it the largest McDonald's globally, and features unique menu items that are exclusive to this location.

The video highlights the unique features of this McDonald's branch, which goes beyond the usual fast food offerings.

With a menu featuring stone-baked pizza and pasta (yes, you read that right), and a three-story building complete with a game arcade and fish tank, it's no wonder why this McDonald's location is making waves.

The menu has a variety of dishes you won't find in other locations, including stone-baked pizza and pasta, served in white crockery with metal cutlery.

Pasta at McDonald's Orlando FloridaPhoto byTikTok

In the video, Ellison and her son opted for something different from the traditional McDonald's fare and tried the ham-topped pizza and tomato sauce pasta.

Pizza at Epic McD Orlando FloridaPhoto byTikTok

Did TikToker Katie Ellison and her family enjoy their visit?

They were both pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of the pizza, which was baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. However, she says the pasta was not as impressive, with Ellison describing the sauce as "a bit watery."

Dessert Bar at Epic McD Orlando FloridaPhoto byTikTok

Reactions to the unique menu in Florida

The video has received plenty of attention, with viewers sharing their thoughts on Ellison's visit to Epic McD. For example, some commenters were surprised to see McDonald's offering pizza and pasta.

In contrast, others were impressed with the unique features of the restaurant, including the three-story building complete with a game arcade, play center, fish tank, and dedicated dessert parlor.

"Did the McFlurry machine work tho, that is the question," joked one commenter.

Another said, "You went to the worlds biggest Mcondalds and you got a PIZZA - a PIZZA and pasta."

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