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‘Budget-Minded Dad’ Stunned by High-End Grocery Shopping Experience After Son Takes Him to Erewhon in LA


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Did you know that people in Los Angeles spend an average of 12.7% of their annual income on food? That may not seem like much, unless your grocery store of choice charges a premium.

That's the reality for shoppers at Erewhon, the high-end grocery store chain located in eight affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

The trendy store specializes in premium organic products with some products costing significantly more than what you would find in a typical grocery store.

TikTok content creator @sheadurazzo shared footage of his visit to the Erewhon grocery store with his dad, and their reactions to the prices were quite interesting.

So, how much are they charging? Let's find out.

Here's what happened

As they step inside Erewhon grocery store, the father-son duo can't help but feel a little out of place. The store's pristine interiors seem to belong in a luxury boutique rather than a grocery store.

Nevertheless, they carry on, taking in the sights and sounds of the store's high-end products. The son leads the way, eagerly showing his dad the different items on display.

But it's not long before they come across something that stops them both in their tracks.

It's a simple bottle of water, encased in a glass bottle with an elegant label.

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The price tag reads a staggering $26, and the dad can't help but exclaim in disbelief.

The son, however, seems less shocked, as if he's seen this kind of thing before.

The two continue to explore the store, with the dad growing increasingly skeptical of the store's high prices.

In the end, they leave empty-handed, with the dad declaring that he'll stick to his local grocery store.

What Are People Saying About Erewhon's Prices?

Erewhon grocery stores are located in affluent neighborhoods, and their prices reflect the area. The prices of the products are significantly higher than what most of us are used to paying.

The social media community had a lot to say about the prices at Erewhon grocery stores.

While some agreed with the son's nonchalant attitude towards the prices, others were shocked and outraged.

Some of the comments on the video included: "The prices are crazy," "A whole scam in there," and "I feel like he's realistic, not cheap."


While we cannot condemn those who can afford to pay those prices, Erewhon may not be for everyone, especially for budget-conscious people.

However, Erewhon offers a unique shopping experience and high-quality organic products for those who can afford them.

The store's high prices reflect its niche offerings and the cost of doing business in affluent LA neighborhoods.

Your thoughts

What do you think about this? Do you think the prices at Erewhon grocery stores are justified? Have you ever been to an Erewhon grocery store or a store with similar prices? What was your experience like?Share your honest thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment below, and let your friends and family know about it through social media.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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