Man Claims Walmart's Affordable Food Options Make it a Viable Fast-Food Alternative

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Do you want to pay a fortune for a fast-food meal that leaves you unsatisfied and unhealthy?

A man claims in a viral TikTok video that Walmart offers a better meal deal than fast-food chains, sparking a debate among social media users about the quality and affordability of Walmart's food offerings.

TikTok user @bikelifej suggests you stop getting your meals from fast-food restaurants and start getting them at Walmart.

But is Walmart really the answer to all of our fast-food inflation woes?

The Walmart Deal

In the viral video with over 7.3 million views, @bikelifej claims he could purchase an 8-piece boneless wing meal with fresh potato wedges for just $5.47.

While this may sound like a steal, some users in the comments section were skeptical.

The Skeptics
The TikToker claims his 8-Piece Boneless Wings Meal for less than $6 at Walmart is better than fast foodPhoto byTikTok/@bikelifej

Some users claimed that the quality of Walmart's food could be better.

One user even said that the chicken tasted like a Walmart receipt. Others alleged that the food was only sometimes fresh and that prices varied from location to location.

According to a user, the Walmart in Texas increased the prices for the same dish, and they now have to pay around $9 for it.

The Fans
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Despite the negative comments, many users voiced their positive opinions of Walmart's food offerings.

For example, some TikTokers claimed that Walmart's ranch wings were "fire," while others said that the deli food "hits hard."

One user even claimed that Walmart's chicken strips were better than KFC's, which is a big claim.

Walmart as a Fast-Food Alternative?

While Walmart may not be the answer to all of our fast-food woes, it certainly has the potential to be a viable alternative.

With prices often lower than fast-food chains and various food options, Walmart may be a smart choice for those on a budget or looking for healthier meal options.

As of February 2023, there are 4,648 Walmart locations in the US (source).

Your thoughts

So, is Walmart a contender against fast-food chains? What do you think about this? Have you ever tried Walmart's deli food? What did you think?

Share your honest thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment below, and let your friends and family know about it through social media.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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