Reversing the Trend: Company Returns to California Amid Exodus to Other States


Tesla's move back to California proves the grass isn't always greener?
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According to a report by Hoover Institution at Stanford University,153 companies left California in 2021 for other states, continuing a trend of companies relocating due to high taxes and regulations.

However, amidst this trend, one company has decided to buck the trend and return to California: Tesla. The move comes two years after Tesla's dramatic exit from the state in favor of a facility in Austin, Texas.

Elon Musk announces the move back to the center of 'Technology and innovation'

At a joint press conference with California Governor Gavin Newsom, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be opening up shop in the former home of Hewlett Packard in PaloAlto.

The facility will serve as the company’s engineering headquarters while the corporate headquarters remains in Austin.

Newsom applauded the decision, calling it a personal pride to have Tesla back in California:

“Tesla is a California company,” Newsom said. “It started here first.”

He also pointed out that California has been committed to supporting Tesla and other electric vehicle brands for years through legislative policy and regulations.

For Newsom, bringing Tesla back to California was critical to securing the state's place as the nation's automobile leader, according to The Hill
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He hopes that the partnership between Musk and California will allow the state to "dominate in this space and change the way we produce and consume energy in this state, and this nation and the world we are trying to build."

While it is unclear why Tesla chose to return its headquarters to California, it is possible that the state offered incentives to the company. Regardless, the move is a significant win for California, which has been hemorrhaging businesses to other states for years due to high taxes and regulation.

Final thoughts

Tesla's recent decision to return its engineering headquarters to California marks a significant reversal in companies leaving the state for other, more business-friendly environments.

It is also a reminder that the grass is only sometimes greener on the other side and that sometimes, the best place to do business is right where you started.

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