KFC Fans Rejoice As 1990s Favorite Back on the Menu Across Country After Petitioning Success


KFC’s decision to make its fried chicken wrap a national menu item is a victory for its fans, who have been clamoring for the menu item since it was removed in 2014.

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It's a wrap!

KFC's Chicken Wrap has gained traction after a Change.org petition was created to bring back the beloved menu item that was removed from the KFC menu in 2014.

Since the petition "Bring the KFC Chicken Twister Wrap Back to the USA" garnered over 2,000 signatures, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of this nostalgic menu item.

The fast food chain relaunched the wrap as a test item last October. KFC is now responding to customer demand by making the wrap available nationwide.

KFC announced the wraps will return on February 6th, 2023Photo byInstagram/ KFC

The wrap, which was previously known as the Chicken Twister Wrap, has been around in various forms since the 1990s but was permanently removed from the KFC menu in 2014 to make room for other items.

Even those who never had the wrap the first time have been getting in on the action.

Thanks to the Change.org petition and the subsequent social media buzz, the wrap has become a highly sought-after item.

Chicken Twister Wrap becomes KFC Chicken Wrap

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Formerly known as the Chicken Twister Wrap, it was a revolutionary concept back in the 90s, taking the idea of a classic chicken sandwich and giving it an exciting wrap makeover. As a result, the wrap had a unique flavor and texture that made it stand out from other fast-food offerings.

Last October, KFC rebranded it as the "Chicken Wrap" and began testing three different versions.

KFC announced on Instagram today, the Classic and Spicy Slaw versions will be sold as a two-for-one promotion for $5 from February 6th.

One Instagram comment said, "KFC said if McDs won't bring back the snack wraps we will make our own."

As of January 23, 2023, there are 3,912 KFC locations in the United States. California has the most KFC locations in the United States, with 433 stores, followed by Texas, and Florida.

Final thoughts

Now, after years of waiting, the wrap is finally returning nationwide.

KFC fans can now relive this classic menu item, which is sure to please everyone from old-school fans to the next generation of KFC eaters.

The KFC Chicken Wrap is back.

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