McDonald’s President Says California Law Proposal To Pay Fast-Food Workers $22 an Hour Is ’Costly and Job-Destroying'

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In an open letter, McDonald's USA president John Erlinger slammed California lawmakers for passing a fast-food law that would raise hourly restaurant wages to $22 an hour, saying it would make it "all but impossible to run small business restaurants" in the state.

A coalition of restaurant industry organizations led by McDonald's, Chipotle, and In-N-Out supported a referendum to put the law up for a vote in November 2024.

The President of McDonald's, Joe Erlinger, has lambasted California's new Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, or FAST Recovery Act in an open letter entitled, "California keeps looking for ways to raise prices, drive away more businesses and destroy growth through bad policy and bad politics."

Erlinger puts forth in the open letter:

"As the head of McDonald’s U.S. business and a native Californian, I’ve had reason to pay particularly close attention to the bill and how it passed. But the fallout from the legislation – and lessons to be learned here – matter to all of us, particularly as the Golden State tries to emerge as a model for the rest of the country."

The new bill would create a 10-person committee to define standards across the fast-food industry regarding minimum wage, working hours, and workplace conditions. 

According to Mashed, Erlinger claimed "the FAST Recovery Act is a way for unions to sneak into government processes and makes it unnecessarily challenging for small businesses to run effectively."

The president of the Service Employees International Union, Mary Kay Henry, has affirmed that "no corporation is more powerful than half a million workers joining together to demand a seat at the table."

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