Woman Films Soda Dispenser That Requires QR Code and Limits Ounces, Sparking Debate


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New soda dispensers are coming under fire on social media platforms for a new feature that some call "dystopian." 

The new dispenser system requires customers to scan a QR code to get a drink balance and only have 30 seconds to finish pouring their drink. 

TikTok user Pinky (@xxladiixpinkyxx) filmed her remaining balance showing 2.1 ounces, which means she only had a limited amount of soda available. 

The now-viral video has over 207,800 views, with strong opinions in the comments.

Woman goes to fill up cup but she doesn’t get what she expected

After the customer scans the QR code on their drink cup, they get a drink balance with 30 seconds to complete the task. 

As the seconds count, the screen says she has 2.1 ounces left.

Photo byTikTok / @xxladiixpinkyxx

She puts her cup in the drink machine, which pours a small amount into a cup, saying: "That's it?|

Then, if a customer wants more, they must wait 10 minutes or purchase another beverage.

"No more free drinks," Pinky writes in the caption. 

Fast Fill stations are often commonly found in theme parks, and some fast-food restaurants. 

The soda refill debate continues

The debate over free refills began in 2012. Ten years ago, some politicians proposed to limit the size of sugary drinks sold by restaurants, cinemas, street vendors, and stadiums to 16 ounces. 

According to the Washington Post from the time, the move had drawn criticism from the soft drink industry, with the American Beverage Association calling it "overreach." 

Public health advocates say that letting everyone make their own choices has led the country to $192 billion per year in medical bills for obesity-related care. However, the laws were mostly struck down.

Currently, no state has a tax on sugary drinks. Instead, local governments in various cities, including four cities in California, impose their own taxes on these beverages.

Opinions were mixed towards the refill machine

Many people opposed this system, with some commenting that they would boycott places that offered this service. 

However, other users were quick to point out that Pepsi is not the only company to ration their self-serve drinks and that this is likely a concept that has been introduced previously.

The most-liked comment said: "We need to boycott this soda doesn't even cost them that much why are they rationing?"

"I will simply not eat at any restaurant with a machine like this. It's the principle of it," another said. 

One person mentioned the health problems with drinking soda, "That's crazy but at the same time people drink way too much soda."

While another believed this was a form of social credit: "Pay attention. This system will be everywhere for everyone for everything."

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about this? Should Pepsi be allowed to limit the amount of soda customers can pour? 

Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share with friends and family if you like. 

Disclaimer: The information presented is educational; it should not be considered a substitute for advice.

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