Woman Reveals She Made $32 an Hour Working at Dairy Queen While She Only Made $19.50 at Wells Fargo, Sparking Debate


It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to grab a bunch of your friends and go out for ice cream—and then head down to the bank and demand a raise.

A woman who goes by the name Yaya (@mariahvessel) has gone viral on TikTok for sharing the surprising difference in hourly wage she earned at two different jobs: Dairy Queen and Wells Fargo.

The 14-second video has since gone viral, racking over 337,000 views in one day.

TikToker's video about fast food restaurant pay goes viral

The TikTok user sparked a conversation about the difference in pay between fast food and other industries.

She captioned the post: “Let’s not shame people who work in fast food!”

The video responds to @tinyb274 on TikTok, where the original poster says she allegedly made $16 per hour at McDonald’s.

The original post by @tinyb274 said she makes $16 per hour at McDonald’sPhoto byTikTok/ @mariahvessel

The TikToker then claims that she made $32 an hour at Dairy Queen and $19.50 at Wells Fargo.

Many viewers questioned how she could earn so much, especially after she claimed she says in the comments she knows people who work in fast-food restaurants and make over $100,000 annually.

Yaya shared her work history: “Let’s not shame people who work in fast food!” she added in the caption.Photo byTikTok / @mariahvessel

In the comments, Yaya explains she was an Assistant Manager at Dairy Queen, and a bank teller at Wells Fargo.

Overall, the video highlights the surprising difference in pay. Despite the two industries are often considered on opposite ends of the spectrum.

In the comments section, many viewers couldn’t believe Yaya’s claim

One comment said that fast food jobs are very well-paid, but they must first convince people to return to the industry:

“Fast food does pay more but will I ever work in fast food again? Absolutely not”

Others stated that working in fast food restaurants is worth it, especially if you get to eat ice cream with your pay.

“$32 an hour AND ice cream. I’m retiring from there lol,” one comment said.

One person in the comments claimed, "They gave us raises at Wells. Tellers now start at $20," And the creator replies, "Good the tellers were making $15 as of 2021."

The experts opinion

Let's look at the claims in more detail.

This difference in pay may be due to the different skill sets required for each job. Or it may indicate a more significant issue with how fast-food workers are valued in society.

In an article, Are Bank Tellers the Fast Food Workers of Wall Street? it discusses the working conditions of bank tellers and how they are paid significantly less than other workers in the banking industry.

The article also discusses how tellers are often subject to stress and ethical corrosion due to the pressure to sell products and services to customers.

Whatever the reason, it's clear there is a substantial disparity in how these two industries compensate their employees.

As of January 23, 2023, there are 4,360 Dairy Queen restaurants in the US. Texas has the most number of locations, with 588. California has 75 DQ locations.

Final thoughts

It's clear that fast food restaurant workers can make a decent wage, especially when compared to other service jobs.

However, some viewers were skeptical of the claim that a Dairy Queen worker could make $32 per hour.

Regardless, many people said they would be happy to work at a fast food restaurant for the pay and the ice cream.

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