Wendy's Employee Films Behind the Scenes As She Fills a Drive-Thru Order for Burger with 11 Extra Patties


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Late-night cravings have resulted in many a rush to the drive-thru. But this burger-craving story is on another level altogether.

A Wendy’s employee recorded the frenzy in the kitchen after she filled a drive-thru order for a burger with 11 extra patties.

On January 19, a video showing the experience of a worker, who goes by the name of Megan (@yagirlmeggan), went viral.

The 69-second clip had over 381,000 views in just 24 hours.

Customer orders 11 extra patties on Wendy’s Baconator

In the video, we see Megan at work behind the counter at Wendy's.

The TikToker app panned to the drive-through screen, where an order for nine additional patties is displayed.

The TikToker shows the Wendy's bacon double order on her screen with nine extra patties.Photo byTikTok/ @yagirlmeggan

In the background you can hear the cook as he fries up the monster patty order with disbelief.

Wendy's secret burgers have multiple numbers of patties that are not shown on the main menuPhoto byTikTok / @yagirlmeggan

She says, "I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to wrap this."

However, the TikToker wrapped the sandwich in foil and finally filmed the customer enjoying his burger while sitting in his truck.

“Y’all, I can’t make this up,” the text overlay says. At the same time, the customer struggled to bite into the gigantic burger that was still very hot.

“It’s fresh," the TikToker yells across to the customer eating in the truck.

The customer ordered a Baconator with 12 patties.Photo byTikTok/ @yagirlmeggan

What are the 'dinosaur burgers' at Wendy's?

The customer ordered a double Baconator burger but with 12 patties, which is on the Wendy's secret menu as a "T.Rex" burger.

If you are tempted to try ordering from the secret menu, the Junk Food Blog explains what usually happens:

"If the employees at Wendy’s look at you like you have lost your marbles when you order a secret menu item then you have to do 1 of 2 things; explain it to them or order the regular menu items and combine them on your own."

According to Restaurant Clicks, there are three "dinosaur-themed" burgers on Wendy’s secret menu in large patty quantities:

  • The “Fossil” has 9 patties
  • The “Jurassic” has 10 patties
  • The “T. Rex” has 12 patties

One TikTok user explained:

"That's the T Rex burger, it's made by Wendy's not a lot of people know about it, sad the workers don't know, but the manager does."

Comments were divided on the video

The comment section was divided between two groups. One group chimed in with what they would have done in Megan’s shoes, and the other were surprised that the customer had placed such an order.

The first group was divided between those impressed by Megan’s work ethic and those horrified by it.

One viewer said he would “I would’ve made the burger the way it is and put the extra meat on the side in a container.”

Still, another said" "Fast food workers who do these special requests run then best stores”

The most-liked comment: "Not y'all making him take a bite before he leaves."

The second group of commenters were in awe of the customer’s ability to eat the enormous burger in his truck by himself: Is it even possible to eat a stack of 12 burgers?

"He got straight to it," one commenter said.

Another pointed out that, "The weirdest part was it was just a guy by himself. It wasn’t like a dare with friends or for social media. Just a dude in his truck by himself."

As of January 16, 2023, there were 5,896 Wendys restaurants in the US. Florida has the most number of locations, with 524. Followed by Texas, and Ohio. In California, there are 289 stores, which is about 5% of the total, and one store for every 136,720 people.

Final thoughts

More and more the invisible hand of social media has begun to influence our purchasing habits, be they in fast food or macroeconomic trends. High five to those people who did it, but I’m drawing the line at 10 patties. Four max. Unless you can get it for free, of course.

What do you think about this?

What do you think about this video? Have you tried one of the 'dinosaur' burgers?

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