DoorDash Delivery Driver Receives Gold as a Tip From a Customer: "It Was Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

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According to a DoorDash delivery driver, he felt like he got the Willy Wonka golden ticket in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory after receiving an unusual tip.

On the TikTok platform, user Luis Navarro (@itsluisnavarro) revealed that he received an order from DoorDash for Jack in the Box that he had to collect for $13 for a two-mile journey.

After delivering an order to a customer's house, the driver was told by the customer that they had something for him in exchange, which included the standard delivery fee.

Golden opportunity

"At first I thought it was a debit card cut in half or like a gift card cut," Navarro said with excitement.

"He starts reaching in his pocket. I'm like, d*mn I'm about to get shot or something, I should walk away from this situation. But no, he pulls out this little like card looking thing and I'm just like what the f* is this… At first I thought it was a debit card cut in half or like a gift card cut in half, that's what I thought it was. But he pulls this out."

"I'm like, what the (...) and he's like, 'It's gold.'" the TikToker says with excitement.

"…I was freaking out bro. It was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory running to my car, you know how he's running in the movie? That's how I was running to my car."

He then showed the card to the camera, and he revealed that it contained a small gold object.
The DoorDash driver shows the one third gram of fine gold on TikTok.Photo byTikTok / @itsluisnavarro

The video has been met with mixed reactions

At the time of writing, the video has 97,000 views, with other alleged DoorDash drivers saying they have had different experiences with tips.

Some users suggesting that the driver should keep the gold, while many people said they initially thought it was a SIM card. Another even suggested it was a tracking device.

Some comments urged Navarro to hold onto gold as gold has the potential to go up in value if the U.S. gets into a recession.

"Keep it until gold prices go up trust me," said one commenter.

Gold value at 6-month high on inflation and recession fears

Reuter reports with inflation, more gold notes and cards are finding their way into America's wallets.

In an article on January 3, 2023, Gold has recently surged to 6-month highs, and analysts expect records in 2023, CNBC explains:

"Gold prices have been on a general incline since the beginning of November as market turbulence, rising recession expectations and more gold purchases from central banks underpinned demand."

The precious metal website DDBullion values the third gram of gold at the time of writing at about $60, bringing his tip to about $20 (although prices for gold fluctuate, as the graph shows).

DoorDash is an online food delivery company based in California that operates an app and website. It is the largest food delivery company in the U.S., with a 56% market share. The most popular states for DoorDash delivery are Texas, followed by California, and Arizona.

Final thoughts

Gold has traded for thousands of years and often held in times of turmoil, and reports show it is becoming more popular to hold in a wallet.

Sure, U.S. dollars can no longer be redeemed for the same value in gold (after the end of the Gold Standard in 1971), but for this DoorDash delivery driver at least, it made his two-mile journey for a delivery golden.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as financial advice and is only for educational and informational purposes.

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