Woman Complains That Ross Gave Her a 10-Percent Senior Discount Without Asking Her Age, Sparking Debate


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Some people think life over 50 isn't as good as it used to be. But, according to a recent poll, two-thirds of people said their lives have improved since they hit the big 5-0.

One TikTok user, Jennifer (@gigi_dolleyes), shared a clip of her experience at Ross Dress for Less, where she was given a discount after the cashier assumed she was over 55 years old. 

Ross offers a senior discount of 10% on Tuesdays if you're 55 years of age or older. 

The video has been viewed over 259,700 times.

In the video, Jennifer says:

"I had to go pick up my daughter so I get to the car (and) I look at the receipt," the TikToker says as she looks for the receipt in her bag.

“He gave me the 55-plus Tuesday discount. 10%. I mean I’m not mad at it because hey, that’s $7 and 50 cents that I didn’t have to pay, but… he didn’t ask me my age.”

A nice surprise? TikToker finds she received an unexpected discount for seniors on her receipt.Photo byTikTok/ @gigi_dolleyes

She then asks, "Do I look 55?"

“God, I hope not,” she says.

After getting the Ross discount, Jennifer took to TikTok to ask whether she could be mistaken for 55, "Do I look 55?"Photo byTikTok/ @gigi_dolleyes

Users didn't hold back in the comments section in providing their opinions, as the video has racked up over 2500 comments.

"Yes you definitely look at least 55. Don't flatter yourself," one user commented.

"I am a cashier and we are not allowed to ask customers their age. It's against the store's policy. Who cares, what is wrong with 55?" another said.

"I think the younger generation automatically sees grey hair and thinks people are one step away from an assisted living home," a third TikTok user commented.

While another ex-employee said, "As a former Ross cashier, I've has customers get upset at me for asking & I've had customers get upset at me for not asking. There's a fine line."

More than 80% say they commonly experience at least one form of ageism daily

Even though this TikToker got a 10% discount, not all ageism is beneficial. 

The results of the National Poll on Healthy Aging found around 65% of Americans said they're exposed to ageist messages in various forms of media. While 45% said, they've experienced ageism in their interactions with others. 

"As Americans continue living longer, society must redefine what it means to get older," says Alison Bryant, Ph.D., senior vice president of research for AARP. "We are encouraged these findings show most older adults feel positive about their lives, reaffirming that we can be active and happy in older age, but we have more work to do to disrupt damaging negative associations around aging." 

Ross Stores has 1,697 locations in the US as of November 21, 2022. California has the most number of these locations, with over 336. The following state with the most Ross Stores is Texas, with 220, followed by Florida, with 198 (via Scrapehero).

Final thoughts

This is an innocent mistake by an overeager employee who wanted to help out someone who could use it. Next time, they should make sure he gets all the details right before giving someone a deal they might not have earned yet.

What do you think about this?

What do you think about this customer service at Ross? Has a store ever treated you differently because of your age?

Share your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to share this article on social media and with your friends and family if you'd like.

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