Amazon Driver Explains How to Get a Better Delivery: 'If you order from Amazon, this message is for you'

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Amazon packages can be a hassle to receive. Still, an Amazon driver has 'insider' tips and advice on making the delivery process easier and safer for everyone.
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In a recent post on TikTok, Elijah Walsh, a TikToker and Amazon delivery driver, explained his difficulties in making deliveries. And how easy it is for customers to make their lives difficult.

"If you order from Amazon, this message is for you because we need to talk," he says in the TikTok video.

In the video, he explains how people can make receiving packages easier for Amazon drivers by following these simple steps.
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1. Deliveries in the dark

According to Walsh's video, Amazon deliveries can start at 3am and go until 11:30pm. However, he also said that customers should expect to receive their packages anytime, sometimes during daylight hours.

"Please put your porch light on," he says. "I'm tripping over things. We are struggling out there."

2. Each day's delivery route is different

Walsh noted that over 2,000 drivers in the company have different routes in place. This means that the instructions for delivery are not meant to be used for personal notes.

3. Update your instructions

He also advised his customers to regularly update their delivery instructions. Otherwise, the instructions could be from old addresses.

4. Do not disturb?

Another tip that users can follow is always to ensure they want to avoid having a delivery driver knocking on their door. He says he won't disturb their sleep if he sees a baby or young children's toys out the front.

5. Delivery drivers can incur hefty fines

Only the US Postal Service can leave packages in a customer's mailbox.

"I don't care if your delivery instructions says 'deliver to mailbox,' I will not be doing that," he explains. "If we get caught, Amazon could be fined up to $10,000 and I could possibly lose my job. Your plushie is not worth it."

6. Should you leave snacks out for your driver?

One TikTok user asked, "What’s your thoughts on people leaving snacks out? I want to but also I don’t want to seem sketchy."

Walsh replied, " It is so appreciated! I’ve been doing this full time for 2 years and can count on one hand how many customers do this.Sealed water and chips are best!"

Amazon facts 2022:
Amazon deliver over 10 million packages a day worldwidePhoto byAdobe / Let's Eat LA
  • In August 2022, Amazon's delivery service partner program had 275,000 drivers worldwide. They were able to deliver over 10 million packages a day.
  • Amazon has a biggest distribution network in California than any other state. The company hires over 20,000 people has 18 facilities in the state, including seven fulfillment centers and two sortation centers.
  • To determine the level of obsession that people have with Amazon, Transimpact conducted a survey across the country. The respondents were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 5. They were also asked to provide their Amazon shopping habits.North Carolina has an Amazon obsession score of 69.89%. Other states with high scores include: Texas (69.75%), Virginia (67.48%), Kansas (67.07%), and Florida (66.67%).
  • Which state uses Amazon the most? The most Amazon sales is Texas, where shoppers spend an average of $1,807 on Amazon per year.

The Amazon driver's video has clearly struck a chord, as it has quickly racked up 4.1 million views

It has over 682.3k likes and 15.9K comments.

Many Amazon customers, and other delivery drivers, commented to express their thoughts and thanks for the 'insider' knowledge.

One person said:*From a fellow driver! I felt this video. Don't forget to salt your driveway."

Another added: "Interesting. And it's nice to see a delivery driver with a head on their shoulders (ex diapers could mean a sleeping baby). Not everyone cares."

A third commented: "I didn't know some of this, it's rare when they knock on the door and my Amazon get put in my mail box quite often!"

Meanwhile, someone else noted: "I just really love all of you guys. Seriously. Doing the lords work."

While another user agreed: "Thank you."

Final thoughts

Amazon delivery drivers work hard to get packages to customers. Walsh explains these common-sense actions from the driver's point of view to help customers get their parcels. And it goes a long way to explain why a package may be left in places you sometimes don't always expect.

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