Dollar General Employee Says Stores Across Country 'Completely Overwhelmed' as Company Reports Operating Profit Up 7.5%


In a video that has gone viral, an assistant manager at a Dollar General store has spoken out about the conditions of his store and, he says, many other Dollar General stores across the country.

In a video addressed to “anyone inside this company that actually cares,” TikTok user Travis Bennett, who goes by @travisbennett767, shows the conditions of his Dollar General store.

The TikTok video has amassed 404,400 views.

Dollar General employee speaks out on working conditions

In the video, he explains how the lack of employees has affected the store.

“My store manager is overwhelmed. We don’t have enough staff, and my district manager doesn’t do anything about it. All she does is keep putting pressure on [my manager], until then the manager puts pressure on everybody else, and they quit,” Bennett starts. “That’s why we don’t have any employees.”

This includes boxes filling the aisles and numerous crates that have not been unpacked, which Bennett claims is typical for “most Dollar General stores across the country.”

“We are overloaded with freight, and we do not have enough hours in the week or enough people in the week to put them away,” he says in the video.

"We are completely overwhelmed.”

Disgruntled Dollar General employees turn to social media

Bennett’s video has prompted an outpouring of support from other workers who say they are forced to work in similar conditions.

"I used to think this was due to lazy employees. Then I became a store manager for @Dollar General. This video is 100% reality at DG," one commenter said

Another said, "This is every dollar general I have been to in the last year."

Dollar General told the New York Times they were ready to “listen and learn" after another Dollar General employee went viral on TikTok earlier this year.

But it appears more complaints by overwhelmed employees who are often working alone are spilling onto social media.
Dollar General has seen continuous increase in profits in 2022Adobe

One of the main reasons why the company may not have done more to address these issues is its continuous and spectacular increase in profits in 2022 during a year of inflation and supply chain issues.

Yahoo Finance explains how low-cost retailers have been making gains in the year-to-date report:

On Business Wire, Dollar General announced on November 3, 2022 the net sales and profit during the second quarter of 2022 ending July 29, 2022:

  • Net Sales Increased 9% to $9.4 Billion
  • Same-Store Sales Increased 4.6%
  • Operating Profit Increased 7.5% to $913 Million

According to Drug Store News,

"Dollar General raised its full-year sales guidance. It now expects full-year sales to rise about 11%, compared with its prior guidance of 10% to 10.5%. It sees same-store sales up 4% to 4.5%, compared with its previous guidance of 3% to 3.5%. The company still sees full-year earnings per share growth of 12% to 14%."

Final thoughts

Dollar General is facing a crisis of under-staffing, and it’s putting their customers and employees at risk with dangerous levels of stock according to what is claimed in this video. We recently reported on a Manager at another dollar store, Dollar Tree, Man Argues With Dollar Tree Manager Over Only One Register Being Open, Offered Job on the Spot To Help Out. This Dollar General employee has gone viral with a video showing similar understaffing problems at the company's stores.

The number of Dollar General stores in the US has increased to 18,721 as of November 13, 2022. The company has 1,751 locations in Texas, which is the state with the most number of stores. Today there are 236 stores in California, according to Scrapehero..

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