Food Service Workers Want Customers To Be Polite: ‘When a Customer Is Rude and Asks for Extra Ranch’

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A survey revealed 39% of restaurant workers are leaving their jobs due to the harassment and hostility they experience from their customers.

Most food service workers don’t like being treated poorly by their customers. This is why one TikToker has created a video showing the consequences.

The TikTok user @favv.ta, claims she charged customers for ranch sauce who were rude when they asked for an extra ranch. 

Food service workers use TikTok to show the consequences of bad customer behavior

The video shows music playing as the narrator says rude customers ask for the extra ranch.

“When a customer is rude and asks for extra ranch,” the text overlay reads. “Rings in ranch.”

Although it's the policy at Buffalo Wild Wings to charge for the extra portion of their food, Italy said she was not planning on doing this. Instead, she said that she charges 60 cents for the portion of the ranch that was requested by the customers.

“Now u gotta pay extra cus I wasn’t gonna even charge you babes,” she says in the caption. One comment agreed, “it’s not supposed to be free. When we give y’all free stuff it’s done as a favor or cause we feel like being nice, but it’s not the standard.”

Another says, “This is why I’m polite to all services workers! Also I used to be one.”

Restaurant workers are leaving their jobs at the highest rate in decades, citing rudeness

Low pay and rude customers are some factors that have caused restaurant workers to leave their jobs in the highest numbers in decades.

According to a recent UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center poll, 39% of restaurant workers said they were leaving their job “due to concerns of hostility and harassment from customers.”

In addition to low pay and lack of benefits, other issues that have been cited by restaurant workers include long working hours, high turnover rates, and being forced to do tasks such as cleaning bathrooms or washing dishes without pay.

As restaurant workers leave their jobs, consumers could be left with fewer options.

Final thoughts

This TikTok maker sends an unambiguous message to all customers: if you’re rude to your servers, you’ll be charged for that bad behavior in one way or another. Nobody can blame them for being tired of the rude behavior that customers use towards them every day.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar chain specializing in Buffalo wings and many sauces. Despite the franchise’s success, some states have more Buffalo Wild Wings sites than others. For example, Texas has 112 locations, while Ohio and California have 92 and 91 sites, respectively.

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