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Five Great Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles Right Now


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Los Angeles is known for many things, but one of its most famous exports is the breakfast burrito. With so many places to choose from, how can you find the best breakfast burrito in LA today?

This is a question that's often asked by residents of Los Angeles. The answer is simple: many places offer breakfast burritos with endless options. But it usually contains eggs, (usually) meat, and add-ins like cheese, avocado, salsa, and more.

We've done the work for you: here are our top 5 picks for must-try breakfast burritos today, each an unique LA offering that will start your day on a solid footing.

Five must-try breakfast burritos in Los Angeles

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1. Wake & Late Downtown

2. Lowkey Burritos Hollywood

3. Bread & Breakfast North Hollywood

4. Egg Tuck Wiltshire Center

5. The Breakfast Shack Manchester Square

If you don't already have a favorite morning burrito spot, though, we suggest trying Wake & Late in Downtown Los Angeles. And if you want to be extra prepared for your next morning excursion, I'd strongly recommend ordering it with the full complement of add-ons: potatoes and eggs, salsa and sour cream, guacamole and mushrooms to go.

Final thoughts

Breakfast burritos are a staple of Los Angeles. In fact, it's hard to imagine the city without them.We're not breaking new ground here in trying to sort out the 'what' and 'how' of this particular amalgamation of delicious items - we are constantly on the search for the next one.

But we do hope we can kickstart your heart and help you make the best decision to start your day.

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