Understanding Fluctuating Gas Prices in Washington State

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Gas prices in Washington State ebb and flow. It can be challenging at best to plan ahead for a vacation when you don't understand how the gas prices work. Here are some reasons that gas prices fluctuate and how you can learn to plan ahead.

The current price increases in gas can be blamed on the maintenance that is being done to the Olympic pipeline. As various pipeline areas are shut down for maintenance, fuel flow to specific regions stops.

While one side of the state may be higher, the other side of the state may be enjoying lower prices. Other factors to be considered include:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Maintenance
  • Refinery production
  • Regional and Local Impact
  • Company

Smaller towns may also inflate their prices. Part of this is the regional and local impact. It's wise to check prices before you leave home or fill up if you see a great deal.

Have you ever noticed how the closer it gets to the weekend, the higher the gas prices are? This reflects back to the "Supply and demand." The companies know that people tend to plan more trips on weekends, so on Thursday or Friday, the gas prices tend to rise.

By contrast, Most people travel back home on Sunday to be available to work on Monday morning. So the prices tend to go down on Mondays and Tuesdays depending on your region.

If you're planning a weekend trip, it may benefit you greatly to fill up on Monday or Tuesday and take advantage of the lower prices. Many great apps can help you to track the lower gas prices. There are also some free apps like Upside that will give you cashback when you select specific gas stations. As an added bonus, you can also earn cash back on many other purchases, including groceries and other purchases.

You can also earn referrals via a code on the app that will help you earn something each time someone downloads and uses the app via your recommendation. Upside will show you the best deals and nearest gas stations for your current location. If you wish to use my promo code and get .15 back on your first use, you can message me below, and I will gladly share my promo code.

Understanding how the gas prices in your region fluctuate may help you to plan ahead for when to fill up if you're planning a vacation in the near future. Knowing when to fill up for your work commute can also be helpful.

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