Man kicks girlfriend out; calls friends to move her out at midnight; changes mind and moves her back before she knows

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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission. **

It was midnight when my friend received a phone call from another friend of ours, Sam. Sam was upset with his girlfriend and wanted her things moved out of his house before she returned from a weekend trip with her sister.

My friend called me and a few others, and we organized a ‘midnight moving team’ and went out to his house and packed her belongings, and moved them to a storage unit he had secured in town. This took the six of us about two hours. She didn’t have a lot of things, thankfully, so we were able to make quick work of it.

Arriving home at about 3:00 am, we fell into bed and fast asleep. At 6:00 am, my friend’s phone rang again, and it was Sam again. It appeared that Sam had had a change of heart and wanted us to move her things back into his house before she arrived home that afternoon.

To say that we weren’t happy with Sam would be an understatement. Worse, Sam asked all of us not to tell his girlfriend that he had moved her out and back in. When the girlfriend arrived back at Sam’s house, she was none the wiser about the ‘move’.

About a year later, one of us was talking to the girlfriend when she mentioned that every time she left to visit her sister, her things appeared to be moved into different positions in the house. Finally, one of the friends told her the truth about Sam and his ‘midnight moves.’

Jewel wasn’t too happy to find out about the midnight move, but she had suspected. The next time she went to her sisters, she didn’t tell Sam when she would return. Not that he would’ve tried the midnight move again because he knew that none of us were going to help him if he chose to do it again. What would you have done? Would you have told Jewel when she returned from the first trip with her sister that Sam had moved her out of his house? Or would you have kept quiet and not said anything?

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