Man humiliated by girlfriend's prank leaves vacation trip early

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Vacations are something that we all look forward to. A time to reconnect or get to know potential future family, a time to relax and enjoy and let it all hang out. In this particular case, a man had been dating his girlfriend for about 8 months when he was invited to go on a family vacation with them.

He was excited to go on the trip as it would give him an opportunity to get to know her family better. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend pulled a prank on him. The group was getting ready to go rafting when she hid his swim trunks and offered up a ‘spare pair.’ He tried them on, and they appeared to fit okay, so he went along on the trip.

Unbeknownst to the OP, the girlfriend had rigged the spare pair to fall apart after he was in the water. This left the OP without any swimwear, and he was with a group of people that he barely knew. While everyone else, including his girlfriend, thought it was funny, the poor man was left in the buff.

For the OP, who is a very private person, this was the most humiliating and horrifying thing to have happened to him. He was very embarrassed, and no one came to his aid to find something to wear. He wound up having to stay in the water up to his shoulders for the better part of the day.

After they returned from the rafting, he packed his belongings and left. His girlfriend told him it was just a prank and that he took it too seriously. OP felt that it was humiliating and embarrassing and didn’t see any humor at all in the prank.

For the OP, the trip was completely ruined and humiliating. His girlfriend called him, yelling at him that he was being immature. OP feels that if this is how her family is, he wants nothing to do with them. Did he dodge a bullet? Should he stay away or risk another humiliating situation?

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