Mans accidentally discovers his car key opens and starts wrong car

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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission. **

My friend Angela’s husband received his father’s car when his father passed away. He flew over to the other side of the state to retrieve the car and drive it home. He had had the ‘new’ car for several months when he went to the local grocery store one afternoon to grab a few things.

When he left the grocery store he jumped in the car, started it, and headed for home. Upon arrival home, he retrieved his groceries, but realized his jacket wasn’t in the car where he left it. Then he started looking around the interior of the car and realized that the ‘belongings’ in the car weren’t his at all. He was in the wrong car.

Not quite sure what to do, he called his wife out to the car and asked her if this was his car. Angela began to laugh and told him it wasn’t because he didn’t have the same sunglasses, or the same CDs in his car as were in this particular car. The paint color was also slightly darker.

For a few minutes, he debated on whether to call the local police department or simply return the car to the parking lot that he had just left. He opted to return the car to the parking lot he had just left. He was thankful the parking space that the car was originally in was vacant so he parked the car and went to find his car which was a few rows over.

As he got into his car, the owner of the other car came out and began loading a huge cart full of groceries into their car. He decided he didn’t want to cause any issues so he left. The next day he called a locksmith and had the locks in his car changed so that it wouldn’t happen again. Would you have told the other person that you accidentally took their car and how it happened?

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