Teens boyfriend cheats on girlfriend then can't understand why she won't take him back

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** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.**

During high school, I had two very close friends. Amy and Emma. Emma was dating Amy’s older brother and they had been dating for about two years. Things were going well for them and everyone assumed that eventually, after college, the two would marry one another.

One week during spring break Emma had to go with her family on a business trip for her father. They were only gone for a week but it was an exceptionally long week for Emma with no contact with her boyfriend.

When they returned, Amy had to break the news to Emma that her brother had been cheating on her with a visitor from their church. Emma went to see for herself and saw her boyfriend kissing the visitor on the mouth.

Emma was shocked and not quite sure what to think. She had trusted the young man implicitly and wasn’t sure how to proceed. So she did nothing. She didn’t speak to him, she didn’t react, she just did nothing. She handed Amy the ring that her brother had given her and planned to never speak to him again.

When the visitor left to go back home, Amy’s brother was suddenly interested in Emma again; however, Emma was having nothing to do with him. The young man went to Emma’s father and plead his case.

Emma told her father that she had nothing to say to the young man. Her father tried several different tactics to get them back together, but Emma wouldn’t even think of it. Emma’s father sent Emma to the store with the young man one afternoon and you could have cut the tension with a knife it was so thick between the two of them.

The young man never apologized to Emma and Emma wasn’t about to broach the subject with him. Finally, Emma moved on and started dating another guy. A few years later, Emma married the other guy and Amy’s brother was heartbroken.

Today, Emma occasionally wonders what happened to Amy and her brother. Did either of them marry? Did he ever regret cheating on her? Emma tells me that his cheating on her affected her and gave her trust issues. Today, she struggles to trust others, especially men. What do you think? Was Emma right in not going back to the guy after he cheated on her?

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