Woman alarmed when she spots swat team on the roof of nearby building

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** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.**

Last summer, I took my children with me to run some errands in town. Since we live out in the woods, this is a rare trip, and we had plenty of things on our to-do lists. My son decided that he wanted a haircut, so we parked in a parking lot where he could get his haircut, and my daughter and I could get some other errands done in the nearby stores. This would save us a bit of time so we could get back home before we needed to complete our farm chores.

Upon returning to our car, my daughter and I were hot, so we decided to open the sunroof of the car. As I was opening the sunroof, I noticed several men in black vests on the roof of a restaurant that was just a row in front of where we parked.

We quickly closed the sunroof and locked the car, and my daughter texted her brother to tell him to stay put; we’d pick him up curbside. The police were walking through the parking lot, sending people on their way one by one, so we waited until we were approached by an officer to make any parking changes.

The officer asked us what we were doing in the parking lot, and we answered him, telling him that we were also waiting for my son. He asked where my son was, and I pointed at the store he was in, and the police officer sent us directly there.

When asked what was going on, the police officer just told us it was a police matter and to please go and get my son quickly. When my son got in the car, we turned on the news, and he used our HAM radio to see if we could find out what was going on.

It turned out someone had shot up a nearby business and ran out the door stealing a car. The car had blown a tire, and the man ran into the building where the swat team was stationed, holding the employee's hostage.

As we left the area, we heard a gunshot, and then the scanner on our HAM radio reported that the hostage had been apprehended. It was scary for us to realize how close we had been to the situation. We went home after that. We decided we’d go back to town and finish our errands another day. Have you ever been in a situation where you were that close to a swat team or in a similar situation?

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