Man orders toilet paper online and is shocked when he receives 60 miniature rolls of toilet paper

Lefty Graves
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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission. **

During the pandemic, my friend’s parents moved in with her. Her parents are in their 80s and wanted to help share the cost of living so that they could all live comfortably without having to leave the house unless necessary.

My friend’s dad loves ordering things online, so she gave him a shopping list to order some basics like paper towels, toilet paper, and other essentials. Everything seemed to be going well until one afternoon when an order arrived that was smaller than expected.

The paper towels were the normal size; however, the toilet paper was miniature-sized. At first, her dad thought there had been some kind of mistake, so he had my friend look over his order. Sure enough, in the fine print were the words ‘miniature-sized rolls.’ Her dad had failed to read the fine print.

My friend was quite surprised and reread the order several times. It was very clear in the fine print that the rolls were miniature. Somehow, by looking at the cost, her dad missed the size of the toilet paper and thought he was getting a bargain.

My friend came up with a hilarious solution; she installed a miniature toilet paper holder near her granddaughter’s potty chair. Then, she installed the miniature rolls by the potty chair so that her granddaughter had her own toddler-sized roll all to herself.

While they were out of money and they had to reorder toilet paper, my friend’s solution made us all laugh. Her granddaughter was delighted, and it turned out okay after all. I’m sure a lot of people were caught up buying toilet paper online and getting shocked by the size of the toilet paper rolls during the pandemic. Were you one of them?

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