Single mom has special dinner set for her kids when its their birthday

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** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

My friend, Claire, was a single mom of two boys when I met her. Claire had managed to secure a job that allowed her to work only during school hours, so her budget was tight, and funds were limited. When her boys were young, she stumbled on a cute dinner plate, cup, and bowl that her boys both liked. It was at a steep discount in a budget store, so she purchased one set.

The special set became the birthday dinner set. When it was someone’s birthday in her household, they would get the privilege of eating dinner off of that particular dinnerware set. The plate itself stated “Happy Birthday” right on it. It had a festive look to it and made the birthday person feel just a little bit more special.

Claire wasn’t wealthy by any means, but she was so creative that her boys thought they were wealthy. This dinnerware set made the boys feel extra special, and each year they looked forward to using it, even when they were older.

Claire saved everything and kept it organized in plastic clear tubs with a label on them. This made it super easy to decorate for special events. Everyone knew that if they had decorations to throw out they should call Claire, and they did.

I don’t recall a birthday that her boys had that wasn’t decorated to the nines. It always looked like something that came right out of a magazine. However, Claire spent less than $20 on each event, including a present and a healthy meal. Her boys never knew how poor they were, and everyone felt very special. Have you ever had a friend like Claire?

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