Pregnant wife finds out husband has been cheating for five years

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Pregnancy is an emotional time for many women, and this poor woman has received the shock of her life while pregnant. In a recent Reddit post, a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant has just discovered that her husband has been cheating on her for the entire five years that they have been together.

As if that wasn’t shock enough, the pregnancy was planned, and she told her husband in anger that she wouldn’t have allowed him to impregnate her if she’d known he was cheating. Now the man tells her that she regrets becoming pregnant and is trying to turn everything around on her. This gaslighting has her very confused.

She’s asked for moral support from friends and family and the forum on Reddit as she navigates her and her baby’s future. To make things clear, her husband doesn’t appear to be showing any remorse for his actions.

The woman’s dream of a happy family with a home and two loving parents has been shattered. Forced to navigate not only becoming a single mom and a divorce, this woman is going through a tough time and reaching out for the support that normally would come from her loving husband.

Readers agree that the man is trying to take the focus off of his behavior and pass the blame on to her. Cheating is a choice, and clearly, this man has chosen his path. To have been cheating for five years shows that he wasn’t ever committed and that he was enjoying his life without a care in the world for her life or that of their unborn child.

The woman is seeing a therapist and working through her feelings of anger and disappointment. She’s setting a goal of being a good mom and trying to stay mentally healthy in spite of her shock. Thankfully, it sounds like her therapist is helping her to identify and work through her feelings so that she can be the best possible mom she can be. What do you think? Should she feel guilty for her own feelings? Or should she be heartbroken? Is she wise in seeking therapy to work through her feelings?

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