Young man began cooking at age 11 because he didn’t like his mother’s cooking

Lefty Graves

** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

My friend Evan began cooking at age 11. When most young boys are out playing ball and enjoying other sports, this young man decides to take things into his own hands and take over his mother’s kitchen. He decided that he was a better cook than his mother, and it soon showed that he was quite correct.

Not content with taking over his mother’s kitchen, he went out and found a job at a local restaurant where he would work under a Sicilian chef for the next three years. This training prepared him for even more job adventures when he changed jobs and began working under a French chef. By the age of 16, he was a member of the Junior Chef’s association and well on his way to becoming a famous chef.

His mother finally told him that if he was home at dinner time, he was expected to prepare the evening meal. She didn’t like it when he would edge her out of the kitchen to make adjustments to her cooking. Since he loved to cook, he readily took this on and made exquisite dinners for his entire family.

Evan went on to join the United States Marine Corps and take over their kitchens. By the time he was out of the Marine Corps, he was ready to take on an entirely new role working at a fancy hotel chain as their head chef.

By this time in her life, his mother was very proud of her son and didn’t mind sharing her kitchen. Her son is a fine chef and works very diligently at honing his craft. Today he works at a local establishment where he serves up excellent meals on a daily basis. His mother visits often and proudly tells all of the patrons, “This is my son”! Is your mother proud of your cooking?

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