Woman blows divorce settlement on trip to the tropics, now lives on her monthly Social Security

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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My friend shared with me that she had lived in the tropics for three months when she was a young teen. As she shared the story with me, she told me that her mother was very angry when her father left and vowed to spend every penny she could wring out of him on luxury items and a lavish lifestyle.

My friend was a young teen when her parents divorced. After the divorce was final, her mother was left with a large sum of money; however, she chose not to invest it and live comfortably with her two daughters. Instead, the woman packed her bags and those of her two daughters and embarked on a three-month-long trip to the tropics.

Along the way, they would stop at various resorts and live the life of luxury that most people only dream of. They stayed in the finest hotels in the most lavish rooms that were available on short notice. They ate dinners that cost a small fortune and dressed up for the occasion as if they were wealthy.

However, all good things must come to an end, and after three months of luxurious living like the rich and famous, this woman was nearly out of money. She booked a flight back to her home state and began looking for a home for her daughters and her. They lived in a cheap motel until she could find something that she could afford with the small amount of money that she had left from her divorce.

She found a double-wide modular that she could afford in a small unkempt trailer park. She quickly paid for it (in full), and they moved in as soon as the ink was dry on the paperwork. Today, this woman can barely afford to pay her bills on the meager social security payment that she receives. She lives a simple life, and her two daughters visit her occasionally to ensure she is doing okay.

Her daughters worked hard in school, and both were able to attend college and earn a degree. They are both very independent; however, they are very cautious when it comes to money. While their mother lives a meager lifestyle, their father still enjoys the ‘good life.’ He remarried, has retired, and lives with his new wife in a luxury gated home. He has housekeepers and other staff members to tend to his every need. I’m proud of my friend for finding a modest middle ground. She leads a comfortable life and cares as best she can for her mother. Would you blow your money leading a lavish lifestyle if you suddenly had a large sum of money? Or would you invest for the future?

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