Woman goes off of mental health meds and tries to kill her husband

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** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

My husband and I have a close friend we’ll call Brian. We’ve known Brian for many years, and he’s always been single. He won’t even date or go out with friends if a woman is along. My husband and I are the only couple that we’ve ever noticed Brian hanging out with. One evening my husband asked Brian why he had been single for over 20 years. We were unprepared for what Brian had to tell us.

Brian shared with us that he’d met and married what he thought was a wonderful woman about 28 years ago. However, he didn’t know her as well as he thought that he did. They’d married after just a few dates, and he was to learn many new things in the short few weeks that they’d been married.

One evening, Brian and his new wife, we’ll call her Victoria, went out to dinner with her two children and her parents. It was kind of a ‘meet-and-greet’ dinner as Brian hadn’t yet met her parents. They had gotten married rather quickly and didn’t take the time to invite any family to the wedding.

During the dinner, Victoria’s father mentioned that she was looking well after her last stint in the hospital. At this point, her two sons and her mother were all looking down at their plates and pretending to be very enthused about their dinners.

Brian inquired of Victoria about her hospital visits, and she just mumbled that she was well now and not to worry about it. Later that evening, after the two boys had gone to bed, Brian again inquired, at which point Victoria came clean and told Brian that she’d been in and out of mental hospitals since she was a young teen.

Brian was shocked, but nothing could prepare him for their three-month anniversary. He hurried home from work with a bouquet of flowers, excited to celebrate with his new bride. The boys had been sent to a friend's house for the evening, so he was looking forward to their time alone.

As he walked into the house, it was shockingly cold. The heat was off, and there were no lights on at all. It was after dark, so he thought this was odd. Brian opened the doors and turned on the lights as he walked through the house. When he got to their bedroom, he noticed that the closet door was ajar after he turned on the light.

He pushed it open, and there sat Victoria on a chair with a very large butcher knife in her hand. He asked her what she was doing and if she was okay and she told him, in a strange voice, that she was there to kill him. As he used her name, Victoria, she stiffened up and told him in a strange voice, “I’m not Vicky, I’m not Victoria, I’m Torie! “

Brian cautiously disarmed her, grabbed some zip ties, subdued her, and gently placed her on their bed. He then called for an ambulance and called her father. The ambulance arrived with a straight jacket, and her parents went and picked up the boys at their friend's house the next day.

Brian was heartbroken. The woman he thought he knew was nothing like he thought. It turned out that Victoria had stopped taking her mental health medication, thinking she was well. When Brian had asked her about her hospital visits, she downplayed them.

Brian said that her father helped him with the divorce paperwork and filed. Victoria still resides in a mental healthcare facility, and Brian is terrified he will wind up in a bad situation again. What would you have done in Brian’s case? Would you consider a new relationship eventually?

If you or someone you know is in a mental health crisis, here are some crisis lines that you can call for assistance. Do not stop your medications without first speaking with your doctor.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

What is a mental health crisis?

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