Woman doesn’t want to shave for Uncle’s wedding

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When is it acceptable for someone to tell women to shave? Many cultures don’t require women to shave. Other cultures tend to look down on women who shave. In a recent Reddit Post, a woman is upset that her mother had directed her to shave prior to her Uncle’s wedding.

The woman goes on to explain that she’s tried waxing and other hair removals only to feel uncomfortable. Her mother has even arranged to have someone come into their home to prepare all women for the event by waxing the hair off their bodies.

The OP goes on to state that she is neurotypical. She’s neither ADHD nor is she autistic. She simply prefers not to shave and be makeup free. On the other hand, her mother has definite ideals for women that she is trying to put forth onto her daughter.

The mother is afraid of what others will say, and the daughter doesn’t want to be judged. Many famous women don’t shave. This list includes such famous names as Madonna, Lourdes (Madonna’s oldest daughter), Miley Cyrus, Scout Willis, and Mayim Bialik, to name a few.

These famous women aren’t afraid to model, walk the runway, or act in movies or sitcoms and show off their hairy armpits and legs by wearing short skirts and tank tops. They aren’t afraid of what others think about them regarding their personal preference.

There are many reasons that women decide not to shave. These reasons include such reasons as the OP, like it leaves itchy red bumps, to personal preferences, such as “that’s how I was created,” to “it’s simply money saved by not buying razors.”

After much deliberation, the OP went ahead and shave, but she wasn’t happy about it. She did it to appease her mother’s wishes. Her mother even purchased2 different dresses for her to choose from for the big event.

So, who is right here? Is the OP right in not wanting to shave and compromise her own personal beliefs? Or, is the mother right in worrying about what others (including family members) will think at the Uncle’s wedding?

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