National Love People Day

Lefty Graves

Today, September 30th is National Love People Day! Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, changing the face of the world we live in starts with Love, and that Love has to start somewhere, so why not let it begin with you?

Remember that you can love people any day of the year; there’s no need to wait for September 30th to roll around each year. Take a moment every day to love someone. The goal of Love People Day is to show our unconditional Love to one another. Many have never experienced unconditional Love. It’s easy enough to love. Show others a kind through or deed, say a kind word in passing, and you will have taken the first step in changing the world and loving others.

There are many people to love. From friends and family to neighbors and local businesses, you can share your Love. Take a moment each day to lift one another up. Show others the power of unconditional Love. Life is full of challenges. Step out of your comfort zone for just a moment today and love someone. When we learn to give of ourselves, we are showing our Love.

Many wonder what ‘unconditional’ means. The word unconditional means without hesitation, without question, without limitations. It’s easy to love a beautiful person. However, it can be very difficult to love someone who is more complicated. For example, it’s much more challenging to love someone who needs to bathe more frequently or lives a different lifestyle than we do. Unconditional means without any requirements, limitations, or boundaries.

How to celebrate National Love People Day

  • Show others how much you care. Love your neighbors. Care for your community. Be kind to one another. A little bit of kindness can go a long ways. Here are some ways that you can help and love people in your community today:
  • Volunteer: Take the time to volunteer in your own community. Volunteer in your child’s school, at your local Senior Center, or at your local church.
  • Be Kind: Do something nice for your neighbor or friend. Mow their yard, shovel the snow off their sidewalk, take their trash can to the curb and back for them.
  • Share: Share your time, the bounty of harvest from your garden, or your talents with others.
  • Give: Give of yourself by giving your time, talent, or donating to a worthy cause.
  • Join: Join in a clean-up project for your community, neighborhood, or local church.

Share what you do to celebrate National Love People Day on social media with #NationalLovePeopleDay. Let us know in the comments how you celebrate National Love People Day.


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