Talk Like A Pirate Day

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September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Talk like a pirate day began when two Oregon friends created the day as a joke while playing racquetball. As the story goes, one of the two friends reacted to a minor injury or some pain with “argh,” which started the joke that turned into talk like a pirate day. They celebrated it quietly for a few years before sharing their game with a group of friends. That’s when it sailed into existence.

Today, Talk like a pirate day is celebrated across the nation. So, while you’re out and about today, don’t be surprised if you see cashiers dressed as pirates and talking like pirates. What other day of the year can you ask, “May I help you matey?” or “Ahoy there?”

Of course, you can join in the fun at every opportunity by simply asking cashiers if they have change for gold bullion or asking them if they’ve seen any other pirates about. Don’t forget to behave, or you just might have to walk the plank.

By all means, remember your manners! Respond to your boss with “Aye, aye, cap'n,” or you may find yourself walking the plank to the unemployment office. You might wish to dress up in your favorite pirate garb if your job allows it. Be sure to add in your pirate swagger.

Ways to observe talk like a pirate day

  • Dress up like your favorite pirate.
  • Learn some key pirate phrases to share with your friends (see * below).
  • Read a book about pirates.
  • Don’t forget to create your own pirate name (see **below).
  • Make your favorite pirate into a puppet with socks or paper sacks.
  • Have a treasure hunt for the pirate treasure.
  • Draw pictures of your favorite pirates.
  • Watch a pirate movie.
  • Tell pirate jokes.
  • Carry a stuffed (or, if you’re lucky enough to own one, a real one) parrot on your shoulder for today.

*You can learn how to talk like a pirate here.

**Q: How do I choose my pirate name?

A. Follow these three steps to create your own pirate name: 1. Choose a color.

  1. Choose a color.
  2. Choose a favorite animal.
  3. Name your chosen profession.
  4. Combine your color, animal, and profession into your own personal pirate name.

Example: Pink Oyster Musician

Be sure to share your pirate name on social media with #TalkLikeAPirateDay. What’s your pirate name?


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