National Matchmaker Day

Lefty Graves

August 31 is National Matchmaker Day. This is the day for hopeless romantics seeking cupid’s arrow for a lasting love story. It requires a great deal of knowledge to be a good matchmaker. A good matchmaker must be able to both listen and ask the right questions. Above all, a good matchmaker will have to have impeccable timing.

A good matchmaker also recognizes when there are sparks between friends, even if the couple is unaware of the sparks. They can see that this would be a perfect couple. They know both the good and the bad about the two parties and can help to bridge the gap of moving the relationship from acquaintance to friendship to romance.

Of course, not all matchmaking efforts are successful. Sometimes the timing is off, or there are mitigating factors that render the match faulty. However, the success stories are pretty entertaining and worthy of sharing.

From awkward blind dates to miscommunications and the occasional epic fail of a match made in heaven, it’s all worthy of note. So here’s to a toast to matchmakers all over the world. And today, August 31, is your day. National Matchmaker Day!

How to celebrate NationalMatchmakerDay!

  • Honor matchmakers by sharing how you were brought together as a couple.
  • Share the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of matchmaking.
  • Send matchmakers a thank you note.
  • Revisit pictures of your match and how it got started.
  • Share your matchmaker story online on your favorite social media site. Be sure to tag your story with #NationalMatchmakerDay.

How did you meet your match? Be sure to share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to share on social media with #NationalMatchmakerDay.


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