Woman attends every church in town in search of a husband

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** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

My best friend was tired of online dating sites. She wasn’t the type of person to go out to bars or clubs, but she was desperate to find a husband and be married. So she decided that she would check out every church in town until she found the ideal husband. Her parents had always told her to find a good Christian man and marry him.

At the first church she attended, she realized everyone was up in years, and the only men to choose from were old enough to be her grandfather. So she only lasted in that church for one Sunday service.

The following Sunday, she attended another church; however, there only appeared to be very young couples in this church. She quickly crossed that church off her list as she was nearing her mid-40s and wanted someone closer to her age range.

I suggested she try running an ad in the paper or perhaps try asking her friends if any of them knew of a single man that would suit her. But she didn’t feel that was a good idea, so she continued her search. Every week she would try a different church in hopes that she would meet someone who would fill the void in her life.

Finally, she met a man in one of the last few churches she had on her list, and they seemed to hit it off. They went to dinner several times, and she thought he might be the one. There was only one problem. In his quest for a woman, he kept telling he all about his past loves.

Whether it was intentional to be transparent with her or because he was still in love with the other woman, the relationship didn’t work out. My friend grew weary of hearing about his ex on all of their dates. She began to make excuses to him for reasons that she couldn’t date him, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

When he asked her why she wasn’t interested in him, she finally had to tell him that he was still too inexplicably tied to his ex-girlfriend. He accepted her statement and finally stopped calling and texting her. She was still lonely, but by now, she was comfortable with her alone time. The funny thing is that she bumped into a nice man at the local coffee shop when she stopped looking. They hit it off, and a few years later, they are happily married.

The other day she and I were talking, and she laughed, telling me how she finally met the perfect man when she stopped looking. How did you meet your S/O or Husband?

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