Woman horrified when she finds out landlord is sneaking into her house and playing with her underwear

Lefty Graves

** This article is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as shared with me by a friend who experienced them first hand; used with permission.

My friend and I were both single moms living in a small town. When a quaint house opened up for rent, my friend jumped at the opportunity to put in her application. When she was called to tell her that she qualified to rent the house, I helped her pack her things up and move into her new home.

After she moved in, we were sitting in her living room one afternoon when we heard a strange sound from the upstairs bedroom. We went upstairs to see what made the strange sound, but we didn’t see anything weird other than her underwear drawer open with some of her underwear hanging over the edge of the drawer. She thought that was strange as she was sure she had closed the drawer when she dressed that morning.

As time passed, more strange things continued to be out of place, and she was starting to get nervous. So we decided to set up an old nursery monitor with a camera in her bedroom (which seemed to be where the most strange things were happening).

We set the nursery monitor on her bed between some pillows to help hide it and made sure that it had a clear view of her dresser. After work that day, we returned to her house and checked the nursery monitor to see what had gone on that day while we were at work.

To our horror, a man walked into her bedroom and began to go through her underwear drawer. He was holding her underwear up and caressing it with his fingers. As he turned and looked around the room, we realized t was her landlord.

My friend quickly found a new place to live, and I again helped her move. When her landlord asked her why she was breaking the lease, she told him that she knew he had been creeping around in her house. She told him about the video when he asked her how she knew it was him.

The man apologized profusely and promised never to do it again if she would continue living in the house, but she moved anyway. My friend did file a police report and turned in the video, but the man left town very quickly after my friend moved. The house went on the sales market after that, and we both moved to another area, so I don’t know whatever happened.

After that experience, I saved enough money to buy a place so that I never had to go through such an experience as a single mom. I have also cautioned my children as they have grown up and moved out to be mindful of who they rent houses from. What’s your rental horror story?

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